Marco Rubio blasted for ‘cracking COVID jokes’ on Twitter! Wait a second!

Marco Rubio blasted for ‘cracking COVID jokes’ on Twitter by some Texan SoyBoy blogger who thinks he knows things. Mind you dude spends his life playing video games, and some how this career makes him both an expert on politics, and medicine? No this moron is just another weirdo democRAT who’s deep into his leftist koolaid. He’s a member of Antifa, and writes blogs for an all left socialist site.

Saturday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted out an attack the push to suspend football games for public health reasons claiming sarcastically that liberals would be fine with restarting football if players dressed up like “Antifa” street protesters. And this caused “Rex Chapman” to lose his shit, and post a very ignorant, and vile post. But again all his posts are fucking retarded. Here is the tweet by Sen. Marco Rubio below.

Notice how these criminals have the SOVIET UNION emblem on the helmets? Notice this if you know communism, and the Soviet Union (which Bernie Sanders loved & Honeymooned in!) which is what Marco is pointing out but in the world of Spin, and lies, and misinformation comes this buffoon below… Check out how the site is all anti Trump, and all about promoting “Socialism & Communism.” Oh and the end of the country as we knew it… This is the fool.

He goes on to spew that “Republicans have repeatedly tried to blame COVID-19 outbreaks on civil rights protests to try to shift the blame from Trump’s push to reopen businesses early — even though studies have made clear that the protests had negligible effect on the spread of the virus.” Well isn’t it then just a coincidence all the main spikes in cases are in areas which HAD the fucking civil protests, and riots you moron? NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA, PORTLAND, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, and let’s not forget the home of the Summer of LOVE! Seattle!! All area experiencing the worst of the virus. How about you mention that Rex? OH yeah that doesn’t fit into your lies, and misinformation.

But MATT continues saying “Rubio’s comments earned anger and ridicule from commenters on social media.” Yeah other leftist morons like you who don’t want to admit the emblem he’s pointing out is from the USSR!!! They’re is your Russian Collusion…. Paid for by Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden.

See folks these people are sick! They think they can spin the crap all day, and night, and we’re going to follow like sheeple… Seriously if you can’t smell the bullshit by now you might aswell join the licking toilet bowl parade with the rest of these idiots.

Recently Sen. Rubio was once Again Sanctioned and Banned By China like he didn’t have enough to deal with already…

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