🛀Madonna💄 Has flipped out! LMAO!

You know I’ve always known that the once “Material girl” really had no singing talent but was just a chick who was at the right spot, and at the right time with ambition, and someone who used her body to sell “sex” (Ironic since thats her book name) but when I think of talented singers she’s never been someone who I would say either has a good voice or could carry a song very well. Unless it was like a million dollar production team helping produce, and sometimes over produce her lousy shitty records.

To be clear I’ve never been a fan of hers or her music, and nothing have changed since she first came out into the music scene. I remember as a 15 year old kid one of my cousins who loved her music, and a lot of my friends even girlfriends loved her, and I just never got it. She was ugly, couldn’t sing, and was stupid in interviews. But now I could finally say that she’s lost her goddamn mind. YES folks the old hag has finally had a breakdown I think… She… Has lost her fucking mind! What was left of it.

She’s been posting some videos of herself while the world is on standstill, and dying from the CoronaVirus! She’s singing about fried fish or someshit in one video, and in another she’s in a bathtub babbling about god knows what… I say it like that cause I honestly don’t understand a word she saying for the most part it’s all mumbling to me. I’m not sure if she’s on METH, CRACK or COKE! But she’s on something might be prescribed meds who knows… But these aren’t the videos of a person whose right in the head.

Also I find it hilarious how she’s always trying to make herself important in something to stay relevant when she aint been relevant really in a couple of decades. I think since she had her first facelist… She, and Lil Kim look a lot alike now it’s weird! It’s sad when people like her can’t see old age coming, and just embrace it like normal folks but they gotta get all this cosmetic shit done to themselves… Life’s too short to give a shit about the material things… But she is the “Material girl.”

Check out some of these videos folks this shits hilarious! Madonna has come up with a song about the coronavirus pandemic: and performed it in her bathroom!

Shout out to Terrance K. Williams for once again spoofing the crap out of her. LMAO!

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