Macy’s defends employee who was beaten in ‘unprovoked’ attack!

Has the “RACE WAR” started folks? IF it has it just landed on the face of a white Macy’s employee who says he said nothing to provoke an attack which was recorded on video. Macy’s defends the employee after he was beaten on video for what early on was allegedly ‘calling Black shopper the n-word’ as store says attack was ‘unprovoked’ and the supposed cause or “word” isn’t on video, and the worker says again he never used it towards him or anyone. The people who witnessed the beating said the employee never used the slur, and had his back turned when he was hit. According to those who saw the violent attack some say it was because the employee told the man that he needed to wear a face mask while at the store as per the policy, and some say it was mouthed when he was on the phone, and was asked about a shirt. Either way the only time the “N word” is heard is coming from the attacker as the employee seems dumbfounded as to why he’s getting hit only saying “I never touched you!” “I’m sorry!”

While getting punched, and dragged on the ground by the much larger, and stronger man who the police has identified as “Damire Palmer” while his brother recorded the sucker punch now gone viral. His brother also identified as “Damarquay Palmer.” The shocking video was posted on social media, showing the worker at Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township falling to the ground while his attacker repeatedly punched him… On the video again nothing is said or shown that causes the beating.

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Macy’s issued a statement Friday, claiming the attack was “unprovoked” as cops hunt for the two men involved who fled the scene. According to a local rapper FT Quay, who shared the video on Facebook, the two men went to the mall and asked a worker on the phone about a shirt size. The attack began after the employee answered them, returned to his phone call and allegedly said into the handset, “no one, just some n****r.”

The man then pounced on him causing the employee to fall to the floor. In the video, the man punches the worker in the face, with the unsuspecting man immediately asking, “What are you doing that for?” As the employee on the ground extends his arm, he is punched again. The employee then tells the his attacker, “I didn’t touch you, I’m sorry.”

The alleged racial slur is not heard in the short clip… Why I doubt anything was said? Well this is just more of the same from “young black men” who for years have engaged on things like the “KNOCK OUT GAME” where they would randomly find some white person male or female (gender didn’t matter,) and would punch them and try to knock them out, and than run. We recently had the black guy who punched a 92 year old lady and she fell and hit her head on a fire hydrant, and could have easily died! Also the lady a long time liberal never said a thing to her attacker to provoke it. These things are happening at an alarming rate, and it’s allowed by the left, and when they allow things to go on like in “CHAZ” or “CHOP” or the City formerly known as “Seattle” you will see more, and more of these attacks, and blamed on “oh he called me this or that!” And right now the “RACE CARD” being used is the “get out of jail free card!” Look at the moron at Taco Bell with the whole BLM Mask!

Macy’s said it is helping authorities identify the man shown punching the employee and the man filming the video. Andrea Schwartz, senior director of media relations for Macy’s, told MLive: “We are deeply saddened about the incident that took place on Monday (June 15) at Macy’s Genesee Valley as the safety of Macy’s customers and colleagues is our top priority.

“Violence in the workplace of any kind is unacceptable. All the materials from the evening have been reviewed and it is clear that the attack was unprovoked.” She continued with ‘We are working closely with local authorities on this investigation, and will defer any further comments about the case to them per policy.”

It was later revealed by local law enforcement that the man seen being punched in the video was a Macy’s employee. Police also confirmed that they were investigating the video on Friday, and township police Lt. Brad Wangler said: “We are looking for them as we speak.

“It’s not something that’s been put on the back burner. We want to find out what happened.”

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