Ivanka Trump poses with Goya products in Oval Office after the support for President Trump her dad by Goya CEO Robert Unanue who said he doubled down on his support for Trump! Now that is how you destroy the cancel culture in this country. YOU Never give in to the mob. President Trump used the Resolute Desk as a veritable platter for Goya products on Wednesday after his daughter stoked outrage by promoting the food brand on her official government Twitter account amid calls for a boycott over its CEO’s support of the president.

In a photo posted to his Instagram account, the president was seen seated behind the historic desk in the Oval Office with a bag of Goya red beans, a jar of Goya adobo powder, a can of Goya white beans, a can of Goya coconut milk and a packet of Goya chocolate wafers in front of him.

“Goya is doing GREAT. The Radical Left smear machine backfired, people are buying like crazy!” Trump wrote in an accompanying tweet.

The presidential plug came hours after Ivanka Trump, his oldest daughter and self-styled White House adviser, posted a bizarre photo of herself with a can of Goya black beans.

“If it’s Goya, it has to be good. Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno,” the first daughter captioned the photo, quoting the brand’s slogan.

“We are with the president. We’re with this country, you know, right, left, center, up and down,” CEO Robert Unanue said Friday on Fox Business Network.

Calls for a boycott against the New Jersey-based Goya Foods, which markets Latin American pantry staples, lit up after Unanue appeared with Trump in the White House Rose Garden Wednesday. Unanue heaped praise on the president after Trump — who has a long history of racism toward Latinx people — announced a White House Hispanic prosperity initiative.

“We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder,” Unanue said, comparing Trump to his Spanish immigrant grandfather.

Speaking on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.” Friday, Unanue dismissed the calls for a boycott.

“It’s just a reflection, I believe, of the division that exists today in our country,” he said.

He added: “Unfortunately, this great divide is killing our nation. We’re tearing down statues of Jesus Christ.”

That’s not true. One activist, who had already been largely shunned by other leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, called for European depictions of Jesus to come down amid the anti-racism reckoning, but it has not happened.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Julián Castro, a former secretary of housing and urban development, were among those who vowed to boycott Goya after Unanue’s remarks Wednesday… Morons! These two are such pathetic morons. Why does anyone vote for these evil losers? Can someone answer me this? Oh yeah well in AOCs case it’s easy her seat is bought and paid for. She runs fake rigged elections.

“Oh look, it’s the sound of me Googling ‘how to make your own Adobo,’” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted… Castro said Unanue is praising a president who “maliciously attacks Latinos for political gain.” Hey Castro I’m Latino, Cuban and I don’t trust anyone named CASTRO! This is why you get no love from us in Miami… You’re a joke, have a bad last name, and you’re a socialist… LOSER!

Here is a throw back for my latinos! Loved Celia Cruz, Azucaaa!!

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