Lori Loughlin could face 50 years in prison!

The house is about to get a lot less Full as Hallmark Channel star Lori Loughlin may finally be facing 50 years in prison as it’s being now reported on by “Deadline News” that a trial date has been set for the actress (and husband Mossimo Giannulli) for her alleged participation in last year’s college bribery scandal.

Loughlin will stand trial starting on October 5, where she’ll be asked to answer for charges of doing a bunch of stuff for her idiot kids. Loughlin and Giannulli are accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters into USC as crew recruits even though neither was a rower. Authorities say the money was funneled through a sham charity operated by college admissions consultant Rick Singer, who has pleaded guilty to orchestrating the scheme.

Specifically, Loughlin stands accused of making contributions to the University Of Southern California with the express intent of getting her daughter admitted, ostensibly as a member of the school’s crew team—despite the fact that she’s reportedly never even touched a crewing ball. Rather than taking the route favored by fellow accusee Felicity Huffman—i.e., pleading guilty, getting her 14 days of Nice Jail out of the way, and then going home to be Felicity Huffman some more—Houghlin and Giannulli have pleaded not-guilty, arguing that they had no idea that the $500,000 they gave to scheme organizer William Rick Singer was intended to be used as a bribe.

The pair are pushing this “Not evil, just profoundly stupid” narrative even further by accusing federal prosecutors of withholding evidence that purportedly shows that no, they really were that astoundingly stupid.

This renewed pushback comes shortly after Hot Pocket heiress (and now they have the hot pocket hot pocket… Taste more like a hot pocket then most hot pockets.) In what they’re calling and I kid you not! “Operation Varsity Blues,” Michelle Janavs was handed a 5-month prison sentence on similar charges. Loughlin and Giannulli face a maximum of 50 years in prison if convicted, presumably because the legal justice system really hates the show full house! LOL They probably think that with Fuller House now gone, and the focus on Aunt Becky and those annoying twins not a factor anymore them going to prison will make sure no more annoying spin offs happen with Aunt Becky, and Uncle Jesse!

A judge promised that the trial will likely be over by Thanksgiving… Or as long as it takes to make sure the shows write her off! Ok so maybe that part isn’t true but hey sure makes you think if she was in prison how full will her cell be? Can they spin that off? “Full Cell” Perhaps?

Attorneys for actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli said newly released evidence exonerates their clients. Now we all need to just wait, and see what happens next. While I take shots, and make fun 50 years for what she did seems well a bit much. The most she should get is maybe a year tops, and reduced time from that to maybe 6 months behind bars, and 2 years probation, and maybe some community hours or something but 50 years. I mean god it’s like she was the head of the mafia.

The new information provided to the defense includes notes written by Singer detailing his discussions with FBI investigators about recorded phone calls he had with parents, Berkowitz wrote. Singer said in his notes that the FBI told him to lie by saying that he told the parents who participated in the scheme that their payments were bribes, instead of legitimate donations to the schools, the attorney said.

“They continue to ask me to tell a fib and not restate what I told my clients as to where there money was going to the program not the coach and that it was a donation and they want it to be a payment,” Singer wrote, according to the filing.

Berkowitz called the information not only “exculpatory, but exonerating for the defendants the government has charged with bribery.”

The couple is among 15 prominent parents still fighting accusations that they rigged the college admissions system by paying people to pretend their kids were star athletes for sports they didn’t play or cheat on their children’s entrance exams.

All jokes aside she’s not a risk to society, and she’s not gonna become someone worthy of keeping behind bars. Does nobody any good anyway.

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