LINDSEY GRAHAM: GOP Will Repeal Obamacare if Republicans Take the House!

I’ve made major errors in my voting in the past when OBAMA ran I voted both times ALL democrat because I belonged to that party, and only left it during the 2nd year of term 2 of Obama. That’s when it hit me just how evil, crooked, and just plain bad he, and the party was becoming. Obamacare is what made me completely see the snake in the grass he was.

I voted mostly independent during the last Presidential elections in 2016 (yes I voted for Trump), and 2018 (midterms). This one after watching these years play out I’m voting 100% Republican, and Trump has again my vote 100% if they replace Obamacare after 2020 as LINDSEY GRAHAM said I will know my vote went to the right party.

As long as this party keeps doing the right things, and my conservative views are not thrown away like they had been in past years by both Bush Sr & Jr, Bill Clinton, and Obama eras I will keep voting for republicans. But right now there are some very shady Republicans which we gotta watch. But Obamacare does have to go.

He said “Senator Lindsey Graham vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare should Republicans win the House of Representatives and the White House in 2020.” Let’s hold him to his word, and go vote Republican folks!

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