KTLA shows cop striking man repeatedly in Boyle Heights

Shocking video showing LAPD officer striking man repeatedly in Boyle Heights, prompting investigation, and when you see this video folks it is shocking as all hell. This video shows clearly a couple of on duty cops arresting a man, and then from nowhere one of the arresting officers starts beating the holy hell out of the man. One thing tho. The entire time the office had his mask on. So much for social distancing since he went full MMA on the guy. The officer in question beats the man who at no point strikes him back or resists, and to me the officer belongs in prison himself for this. He should be charged, arrested beat up in prison hopefully raped repeatedly, and come out a brand new woman.

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LAPD did announce that an investigation would follow on Monday after they got wind of the footage. The video was taken in Boyle Heights… The incident happened on April 27 in the 2400 block of Houston Street, near Soto Street, according to the Police Department.

A video apparently recorded by a bystander from across the street as you can see shows two officers, one male and one female, detaining a man on a sidewalk by a church. The initial verbal exchange between the man and the male officer is unclear, but the officer begins striking the man at least nine times in the head, from behind, while screaming expletives like a coward. The man crouched down as he asked the officer, “What is wrong with you?” The attack lasted about 20 seconds, video shows.

The female officer at first stood behind, then apparently placed her hand on her partner’s arm before he could throw another punch trying to stop but not putting much effort into it as shown. Probably because A she didn’t care too, and B because she couldn’t physically do it.

The Police Department officials said they learned about the “disturbing video” the day the incident happened, and that the agency “took immediate action.” By sending the cop home, and not charging him on the spot. Well talk about whats the most disturbing part huh?

According to LAPD, the two officers responded to the scene after receiving a call about a trespasser. They identified the man as the perpetrator and asked him to leave the property, police said.

LAPD did not say what may have triggered the attack by the officer on the man, only stating that a “physical altercation occurred” between the trespassing suspect and the officer.

The officer sustained minor injuries to his hand, while the suspect suffered abrasions to his head and face, LAPD said. The man refused medical care, according to police.

As seen in the video, additional officers arrived at the scene, and did nothing but arrested the victim, and as we now know it was a member of the community provided a cellphone recording of the exchange to a responding supervisor, LAPD said. A review of that footage, as well police bodycam video, prompted an internal investigation, the agency said.

Meanwhile, the trespassing suspect has been released from LAPD’s Hollenbeck station. “While we are withholding judgment on the actions of the involved officer at this time, the officer has been assigned home pending further investigation,” the LAPD said in a statement.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, which will monitor the internal probe and LAPD have yet to release the identity of the officer and civilian involved.

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