Kobe Bryant Retires from NBA

Now that he’s retired from the NBA after one of the greatest careers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching let’s enjoy some videos on YouTube paying tribute to one of the top 3 or 5 best NBA players ever. A guy who while he had his ups, and downs won as many rings as fingers he had in one hand.

A True legend, and pioneer in the game, and all around good guy… Today I wanted to pay tribute to one of the all time greats here on my site, and wish one of the greatest to wear the Purple and Gold a nice send off to his retirement.

Growing up a big Lakers fan as a kid I loved the Kobe Era, and what he did for Los Angeles, and the Lakers was incredible. I enjoyed living in Los Angeles as a kid, and watched a lot of Lakers basketball but never got to see him live playing in LA because I moved to Miami before his era. But I was glued to my TV and watched hundreds of his games as his career exploded into the league.

Thanks for the memories black mamba, and hope you have a great rest of your life with your family.

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