Kellyanne Conway Proud of the POTUS after the mass shootings.

Posted earlier yesterday by Twitter “The Hill” we see Kellyanne Conway speak on her feelings towards President Trump. I support her as she’s been a wonderful voice in the media from before he was even elected, and even tho something is off with her husbands mind she always does a fine job representing our President.

Hear from her how she feels about how President Trump handled the situation we just went through this past week with the mass shootings in both El Paso, and Dayton Ohio. A Lot of loss lives senselessly taken by people who above all are mentally sick. The left used these shootings to take shots (Pun intended) at the President but he took the high road, and has not fired back.

Kellyanne Conway: “I’m very proud that I work for a president, we’re all represented by a president, who did not politicize this and respond in kind to those who immediately saw, you know we’re trying to spin gold and votes out of this tragedy.”

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