Keith Olbermann ‘Terrorist Trump😱His Enablers And Supporters Must Be Removed From Our Society’

Keith Olbermann who’s always been a joke, and major horses as for the socialist left made a major push for Idiocracy this week as this buffoon made the statement that “Terrorist Trump And His Enablers And Supporters Must Be “Removed From Our Society” so he’s calling for genocide on Millions of people. “Trump can be and must be expunged….His enablers…the Mike Lee’s, the William Barr’s and the Sean Hannity’s and the Mike Pence’s…and the Amy Coney Barrett’s must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society” Can you name a single “crime” that any of these people have committed? Our AG William Barr who’s done nothing but great work getting to the bottom of what was a Russian hoax by the Clinton/Obama/Biden & DemocRATS? What has Amy Coney Barrett done but be a loving wife, mother, and honorable Judge being appointed to the Supreme court? Sean Hannity’s Who along with Tucker Carlson are two men who have kept it real as fuck on a Network which is leaning more left everyday! Or our amazing VP Mike Pence who mopped the floor with Kamala during the debate. What crimes? Oh how about we the people who voted for “Trump” and are his “Deplorables, and Enablers” so he’s calling again for our genocide? Much like Hitler? Think it’s time for we the people to CANCEL Keith Olbermann, and maybe he should be looked for “Treason” or at least for engulfing more fire for those wishing to destroy our nation. But he’s ok with actual criminals like the Clinton’s, Obamas, and so on. Keith has been a controversial asshole for decades on TV, and has been fired, rehired, and so on for multiple outburst of stupidity. This one should cost him his entire career. Folks this man is a dickheaded moron.

What a fucking JOKE this man is, and this is something I will cover in detail on my show tonight Sunday night at 10pm est. On here, and on

Let’s not forget how much Biden/Harris lie… So what is Keith’s beef with Trump? 🤑 Well this is all a stunt because ESPN has dumped him again, and Keith Olbermann announced Tuesday that he his leaving ESPN, for the third time. This time around, however, it’s on good terms, the sportscaster reassured people in a Twitter video.

“This time it is on very, very happy terms. I hope to their desires for their sport casters to refrain from purely political commentary which is an approach with which I largely agree with anyway,” he said.

In his social media post, Olbermann announced that he is leaving the sports network “in every conceivable way possible.” He said he an ESPN have reached an agreement that will allow Olbermann to “serve [his] country the best way” possible: political commentary. Which is a joke into it’s own. He went on to announce that he will turn his attention to a new daily YouTube series, called Worst Person In The World, and that’s a proper title when speaking on himself on his so called show he will discuss the 2020 election. He’s just another leftist socialist, America hating asshole trying to make Money off TRUMP! “You didn’t think i was going to sit out this election did you?” he asks viewers before heartily laughing off-screen. America say it with me. “FUCK KEITH OLBERMANN.”

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