KANSAS House of Rep gets a big WTF moment! LMAO!

So I first heard of this story on the Glenn Beck show, and I spoke about it on Sunday this week on my show, and at first honestly I didn’t think it was real until I looked it up online, and was shocked to find out the story wasn’t just true but that nobody else was really reporting on this guy who won the nomination. I mean the mainstream media wasn’t messing with this story I guess cause this kid was full on Antifa member, and supporter. Plus he’s a Black Lives Matter member and supporter, and so the story goes that the teenage DemocRAT who ran For Kansas State House Drops Out After ‘Revenge Porn’ Admission. Shocked? Shouldn’t be all these leftists fucks are perverted and a LOT of them are pedophiles. Look at Hollytards all being exposed as pedophiles, and sick perverts who drink piss like Madonna, and inject baby foreskin into their faces like Sandra Bullock and all these fucktard lunatics from the fringe left.

But this story of the 19-year-old Democrat running for a state House seat in Kansas dropping out of the race after recently narrowly defeating a seven-term incumbent in a primary, and being a pedophile is just hilarious folks. Here is what happened, and why this scumbag moron had to drop out. So his name is ‘Aaron Coleman’ and he openly admitted prior to the primary to sharing a nude photo of a girl online when the two were in middle school. He still won the primary by 14 votes guys! LMAO Talk about a tight one, and I’m not talking about the vagina of the underage girl he got in trouble with… That admission, however, along with admitting to harassing other girls online and his father’s recent hospitalization, led to Coleman dropping out of the general election.

Coleman claimed he shared the nude photo of the girl seven years earlier because she wouldn’t agree to send him more nudes. The girl, now 20 years old, told The New York Times last week that she didn’t know Coleman when he made the threat to release her nude picture and believed he found her picture through Snapchat. Which goes to show you folks take care of your kids online activities if she’s got NUDE pics of herself on SNAPCHAT and is in middle school can you imagine what your kids are up too?

This is why Social Media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and all these platforms should be age restricted. 18 and over only! No kids allowed, and you must register with an active license. This is what I would do, and should end these sort of things from happening.

“I just don’t think he needs to be in a powerful position considering what he’s done to girls,” the woman, Kati Hampton, told the Times. “It’s good that he admitted to what he did.”

On social media, Hampton described what Coleman had done, and I say good thing she did, and came forward! We don’t need his sort of scum in any position of power, and if this sort of behavior is forgiven and not brought out he would do it again, and again, and it would escalate into worse behavior. He should be in prison for Child porn to start with if he spread that shit around.

“He got one of my nudes and blackmailed me with it and told me if I didn’t send him more he would (send) it to all of my friends and family,” she wrote. “And when I didn’t send him more, he sent it to everyone I knew. I don’t know how he got the picture. All I know is he’s an awful person and he should not be allowed to run for anything.” I agree 100% but girl you know you took that pic or you had your phone on with someone who took it, and you was naked infront of your phone. ONCE again her parents should be more alert on her behavior llike all good parents should be on their kids online antics.

Coleman also did not dispute a report in the Kansas City Star detailing his harassment of girls when he was in middle school. One girl, who is now 18, told the outlet she attempted suicide due to Coleman’s abuse. She said Coleman was constantly “calling me fat, telling me to kill myself, like I’m never going to find anyone, like I’m worthless, just downgrading me every day.” The woman also said she “was just in disbelief that another man that doesn’t respect women is in power.” He also reportedly called the girl a “whale” and kept telling her to “go on a diet.”

A third woman told the ‘Star’ that Coleman “harassed me for months, it got so bad that he found out my family’s home phone and wouldn’t stop calling it until we picked up.”

In an email on Sunday, Coleman wrote that he had decided to withdraw from the race, The Wyandotte Daily reported.

“After talking it over with my family and my supporters I have made the difficult decision to withdraw my name from the ballot as a Democratic nominee for House District 37,” Coleman wrote. “My father was recently hospitalized and in combination with the recent developments in the race it has put a significant strain on my family. Their well being is too important to me to continue as the nominee.” And this moron laughed at the death of Herman Cain, and his own dad is in the hospital sick. I don’t wish harm on his dad but shall he die this POS of a son he has will know what a loved one goes through when his/her parent dies. Like the loss the family of Herman Cain feels everyday without him around. On his own on Facebook he also announced his intent to withdraw saying that “After talking with my family and my supporters, I’ve made the decision to withdraw as the Democratic nominee for HD 37 so I can focus on caring for my family. Now our party can pick a new nominee.” He also posted that “all these allegations are both true and occurred digitally” on his campaign’s Facebook page, adding, “I denounce these actions and they are actions of a sick and troubled 14-yo boy.” Like he’s not a troubled 19 year old now? He hasn’t grown up in 5 years if this bozo is laughing at the death of Herman Cain. Oh, and for that he’s also a racist? Some support of “Black Lives.”

If you think this special kind of dickhead did that to only 1 girl? Nope this scumbag dickhead did it to more than one, and who knows how many girls he’s done this too but in addition to his prior harassment of girls, Coleman also came under fire for previous social media posts, one of which expressed the candidate’s desire for a former Republican state representative and radio talk show host, John Whitmer, to die from COVID-19. “John, I’m going to laugh and giggle when you get COVID and die,” Coleman said on the post. “At least we can say you died doing what you love. Ask your buddy Herman Cain how it worked out for him.” He also expressed satisfaction that former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain died from the virus. He also made a post endorsing abortion up to the minute of birth. See guys this dude is a special kind of scumbag. He pumps Black Lives Matter and laughs when a black man who’s a really respected man, and was a true patriot in Herman Cain passes away. This kid needs more than a reality check, and he’s 19 now he’s not a kid anymore what he needs is a little prison time, and maybe just maybe he will feel the pain and it will knock some sense into his stupid head. Either way he will come out of prison knowing what a female rape victim feels like. And everyone but him will live happily ever after.

Stan Frownfelter, a seven-term Kansas lawmaker, has announced he will stage a write in-campaign to keep his seat after narrowly losing the Aug. 4 Democratic primary to the 19-year-old Pedophile Mr Coleman, who has admitted to distributing revenge porn featuring an underage girl and has said he would “laugh and giggle” if a former Republican lawmaker died of coronavirus. Now that we know that moron is dropped out I don’t think it will be hard for Stan to get in there if he’s not apposed by anyone else.

But here’s where it gets tricky because he’s dropped out but Coleman will be the only name on the ballot in the general election for the Kansas City-based 37th District state House seat; no Republican candidate filed to run.

He defeated Frownfelter in the primary by 14 votes! The final was 823-809, after positioning himself as a progressive who supports the ‘Green New Deal,’ saying “I’m a 19-year old college student who scrubs dishes, so I won’t have the benefit of high-powered Topeka and KCMO lawyers who will flood our town to deny the people their voice.”

This goes without saying but one Democrat has denounced Coleman’s campaign, Gov. Laura Kelly saying through a spokesperson that Coleman is “not fit to serve in the Legislature.” No shit!? LOL Coleman does not have a traditional high school diploma, according to the Kansas Reflector, citing health issues, but said he has completed the requirements for a GED. Coleman said he is “lucky to be alive,” after facing mental health issues a few years ago, saying abuse he suffered in elementary school was neurologically damaging. He said he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder at age 15.

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