Kamala Harris Not Well Received in Miami

Good times!!! My people spoke up loud today! “No Communista” Kamala Harris was NOT Well Received in Miami as Latinos For Trump Lined the Streets to Make Clear They Reject Her Far-Left Policies. Kamala made a surprise visit to Miami on Thursday as Joe Biden hid in his basement bunker again. Maybe he’s afraid of his own shadow?

Fact is he’s not doing well with Latinos especially Cubans, and if the Sniffler wants to have a chance at Florida he’s picked the wrong person to be his running mate for VeePee! We can smell a communist pig or a socialist hog where every they crawl from! Filthy animals they pretend they’re fun, and if you skin them just right the bacon while delicious can be deadly! Wait sorry getting side tracked… Anyways. Latinos from South America and Cuba who have suffered under Socialist and Communist regimes have come to the US for a better life and they know Biden and Harris will usher in Socialism which = suffering and death.

Latinos for Trump came out and lined the streets of Miami on Thursday to make it clear they reject Kamala Harris. Like in 2016 I think Florida is going to go RED this election, and I’ll be out there voting if allowed.

“No Communista. No Socialista” one sign said. The Latinos for Trump made it clear that unlike Kamala Harris, they support the police with a sign that said “Apoyen La Policia.” The conservative Cubans and Venezuelans in Miami were not impressed with Kamala Harris’s pandering.

The Trump campaign is doing a great job of linking “progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and revolutionaries. The Trump camp last month unveiled a powerful ad targeting Hispanic voters. The ad showed Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez and others bragging about being progressive.

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