So who is Kamala Harris? IF you forgot…

Let’s just talk about facts! Harris lied on Breakfast club and went on using Trump as a punchingbag saying crap about “kids in cages” talking about how he was doing this. Reality check when kids illegally are coming here this is breaking the law, and since when is breaking the law ok? But it’s immoral when they cross illegally with kids which are stolen, and bring them here with drugs, and put their lives at risk. OBAMA had the “CAGES” build under his administration, and yet she and the left want us to think it was Trump? She said a lot but she didn’t question OBAMA but does TRUMP? … He wasn’t President when these laws were made Written or passed! See folks this is all lies, and here is a picture SHE & the host “Charlemagne The Fraud” forgot to mention which was taken during OBAMA’s years in office. Now in 2020 we know for fact that the Clinton’s do have a history with Epstein & Pedophilia… And here we go. Down the rabbit hole of lies.

This is what liars do! They lie, and lie, and idiots on the left don’t check for facts! Obama gets a pass cause he’s black? I want you to first watch this video, and remember EVERYTHING She saying is a lie. She’s a liar, Obama did separate families, he deported more Latinos than ANY OTHER President including Trump, OBAMA didn’t help black collages. Trump did help black collages. Kamala here excuses Obama, and all she does is blame the white Trump cause she’s a sellout who uses the “RACE CARD” to get voters, and all she said here is 100% lies.
Oh, and if the “Race Card” is gonna be used well for a “BLACK WOMAN” let’s look at her husband, and “step kids.” Below, everything we know about step-children Cole and Ella, her husband Douglas Emhoff’s kids from his first marriage.

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Grateful every day to be Momala to Ella and Cole.

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Has this woman ever been a black woman? Only when she needs your vote black people. She was sworn in to congress in 2017 as an Indian-American woman.

Now she’s running for VeePee in 2020 as an African-American woman? Really! She can’t even make up her mind what she is! But one thing she is folks is a real politician , she’s gonna tell you what ever you wanna hear. But since when is Jamaica + India = “African American” ? I mean there isn’t 1 African American in her family! Her own husband is a white guy with 2 kids who are both white. She has literally never spent a day as an “African American” in her life. She’s a complete utter liar.
She was the first Democratic presidential candidate to publicly support the Green New Deal back in 2019! The “Green New Deal” was a congressional resolution that presented a plan for how to destroy, and change the United States using climate change as a way to push forward the country’s decrease of its use of fossil fuels, slow greenhouse gas emissions, and create new jobs in the clean energy industry. The proposal was presented by democrats Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward J. Markey during a June 2019 Democratic presidential debate, Harris said the swift warming of the planet should be referred to as a “climate crisis” and called it an “existential threat to us as a species.” So we know this woman wants to defund the police, shut down all use of fossil fuel use, and take away our constitutional rights.

She don’t care about our people, and will not help but hurt because she will tell you what you wanna hear while doing what her puppet masters tell her to do. Just liked Biden, and since he probably WON’T be President even if he wins SHE will inherit the white house if he steps aside at some point, and this folks would be the complete downfall of this country. Check this video below, and she rips into Biden, and then gets her ass handed to her. Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris’ record on criminal prosecutions, and rips her a new asshole so bad all Kamala does is circle talk, and avoids talking like a normal person, and actually addressing the facts!

What part of AFRICA is this?


These democRATS are all crazy, and they went on this “Racist President” crap when you have actual racist on that stage… Amazing the hypocrisy.
Remember she loves the Clinton’s and is helping them in covering up for the Clinton’s, and CORRUPTION, and pedophilia ties! Kamala did nothing but lie on Trump and smeared him to fool the public. This woman is a fraud, and she NEVER went and saw kids lined up, and even if SHE DID Who gives a shit? People need to come here legally NOT Illegally period.

Did we forget that the word “Illegally” means that it’s against the law? I mean for a fucking Judge you would think this woman would know this!? But remember folks she’s trying here to get the presidential vote, and we know she lost that, and this is why now she’s riding with hiding Biden.

But let me continue here as we dig deep into VeePee candidate Kamala Harris here, and look back as she began kindergarten in the second year of Berkeley’s school desegregation busing program, which adopted busing to bring racial balance to the city’s public schools; a bus drove her to a school which, two years prior, had been 95% white. Her parents divorced when she was seven; she has said that when she and her sister visited their father in Palo Alto on weekends, neighbors’ kids were not allowed to play with them because they were black. When she was 12, Harris and her sister moved with their mother to Montreal, Canada, where their mother had accepted a research position at Jewish General Hospital and teaching at McGill University. Kamala attended Westmount High School in Westmount, Quebec, graduating in 1981.

At Howard University in Washington, D.C., she double-majored in political science and economics (B.A. 1986), interned as a mailroom clerk for California senator Alan Cranston, chaired the economics society, led the debate team, demonstrated against apartheid, and joined Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Harris returned to California, where in 1989 she earned her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. She passed the bar examination and gained admission to the State Bar of California on June 14, 1990.

Here is the issue on another lie.

She talked about smoking weed, and she lied here in a big way, and this from a person who went out of her way in putting people in jail for posession of weed! So she who said here she wants it to be legalized she put a LOT of black men behind bars for simple posession. So which is it lady? But it’s not just that. She used a dead man in Tupac to lie about herself smoking weed before he had a cd or album out she said she used to smoke weed listening to them? I mean seriously? IF This doesn’t make it clear how fake she is just watch some of these videos on her. “The Breakfast Club” is a syndicated radio show with a focus on Black culture, music, commentary and politics. Over its decade of existence, the show has garnered a wide national audience. This has made it an influential and coveted channel for reaching its central demographic: young Black Americans.

Harris’ February 2019 appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ a little over a month after she’d launched her presidential campaign, an important first step in her outreach to Black Americans.”>This reality made Harris’ February 2019 appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” a little over a month after she’d launched her presidential campaign, an important first step in her outreach to Black Americans. “Have you ever smoked?” Charlamagne Tha God, one of the show’s hosts, asked Harris, concerning her history with marijuana. “I have. And I inhaled,” Harris replied. “It was a long time ago,” she chuckled. Later in the interview, co-host DJ Envy asked Harris, “What does Kamala Harris listen to?” Before Harris had a moment to answer, Charlamagne Tha God quickly asked her what she was listening to when she had smoked marijuana in college. Harris briefly laughed at the quick exchange, which caused a stir in the famously raucous recording studio. She then made eye contact with DJ Envy, who had offered Snoop Dogg as a possible artist during the crosstalk.

“Oh my goodness. Oh yeah, definitely Snoop. Yeah, Tupac, for sure,” Harris said… When you look at her dates nothing match as she was in school during the mid 80’s and Tupac & Snoop didn’t become known until almost 5 or 6 years later for Tupac, and 7 or 8 for Snoop. This on her end is a total lie, and for a woman w ho put many black men in prison for being caught with weed on them. The DJ Envy or Charlamagne Tha God’s question about what Harris listened to in college video of the exchange, shows Harris’ body language and it’s clearly responding to DJ Envy, avoiding eye contact with Charlamagne Tha God while she does so. But this doesn’t matter she heard the question, and she knows she was lying OR she smoked since school all through the 80’s & 90’s and then went to put black men and woman in prison for crimes she herself enjoyed.

Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986
, five years before Tupac Shakur’s first album “2Pacalypse Now” was released and seven years before Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle.” After a viral tweet observed the apparent conflict in dates  it also included a screenshot of a story from inaccurately describing the conversation on music and drugs an online pile-on targeting the senator began.

Harris’ presidential campaign denied the claims shortly after they started trending. “The rightwing is so desperate to attack @KamalaHarris they’re trying to make Reefergate happen,” tweeted Ian Sams, Harris’ spokesman at the time. “@djenvyasked what she listened to. @cthagod made a pot joke. Then she answered @djenvy’s question. This really isn’t that complicated. Just watch.” Hosts of “The Breakfast Club” also criticized the media frenzy, with D.J. Envy telling MSNBC’s Ari Melber that media outlets and pundits repeating the claim, “Absolutely, positively lied.” Indian, and Jamaican parents, and a white husband… What part of her is “African American” again? Doesn’t look or seem very African to me. But she’s a known liar, and con artist. Remember she smoked weed in school listening to Tupac & Snoop almost a half a decade before Tupac ever put out music, and about 8 years before Snoop Dogg. Oh, and she along with Biden helped put more black men in prison during the 90’s then anyone with his Crime Bill and her work as prosecutor, and judge. Oh, and let’s not forget that she lied on one case, and didn’t allow an innocent man to go free. She’s a liar folks, and if you vote for Biden thinking SHE’S good. You have fallen for the con job.

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