Just had surgery on my leg!

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Let me start this by saying I hate hospitals… Not a fan, and this comes from when I was a child, and I had a doctor make a mistake with my vision which left me in need of glasses for life, and caused me to go cross eyed for a short time as a kid, and I’ve tried to avoid going to see them for minor things which most people would run to them ASAP for. I once even broke my ankle, and didn’t go til like 3 days later because I wanted to avoid the hospital visit.

And let me not open the can of worms that was 2016 hear with the way both Baptist Hospital, and the Heartland Hospice folks butchered my mother’s final days before she passed. So you could understand I have had a bad relationship with hospitals. Even dated a girl once who went to medical school who ended up badly with me. So nothings ever been smooth with me, and the medical establishments for some different reason or another.

Now I don’t have health care, or Medicaid coverage (Taking care of those now however.) which I should have but that’s another story. Let’s say I’ve had major traumatic events events and injuries before from my childhood playing sports, and dealing in martial arts that normally would sideline or hold up most young people for weeks, and I would not get help for it. Now at “42” (Yes just like the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) life is a bit different, and I’m not as quick to heal, and I’ve grown both in wisdom (I hope) and size (bummer.. But I’m on a diet… Don’t judge!) so life is much different then it was at say 15-19 yr old.

Back on April 3rd I had a car accident which I was not at fault, and did not get the ticket, and like luck would have it the officer refused to give out a ticket to the person who caused the accident, and admitted to it infront of me to him. His reason? Because he hit me on the side, and not the back so he said he would let our insurances work it out. Now this is a long complicated story which is still on going so I’ll skip this, and get back to the hospital but the accident left me with a broken back!

Yes folks as you hear me each week I have a back that’s not doing well I have a break in between the L4, and L5 and a disc which is well out of place, and pinching the nerves that go to my legs, and arms. So thanks to my spine injury from my car crash in april my legs have been a mess.

The poor circulation lead to the growth I got my on right leg. The thing popped last week, and would not stop leaking puss. So I decided its emergency room time. Sorry to get graphic there but it’s only going to get a bit worse so hold on tight! Speaking of tight my leg got tight, and swollen like I’ve never seen before, my Foot swole up like a balloon, and while the thought seems almost comical now it was mostly painful, and it was not looking good at the time.

Not trying to get sympathy for myself or anything but this thing hurt, and well I just had leg surgery so I wanted to make it clear this wasn’t a simple cut on my leg. This was a growth the size of a golf ball, and it thankfully came back negative in the lab results meaning it’s not a cancer but they have no idea why it grew like that so I was placed in emergency as soon as I got to Jackson South Hospital in Miami Florida.

They asked me did I have insurance or Medicaid I said no to both, and did they do what most of these people pushing to reform our fantastic medical systems want to make you think they would do which is tell me to go treat it on my own? No they took me in, and I received the finest care you can imagine. I checked in at night thinking well I’ll be in and out they will see me, and pop whatever is in there, and be home the next day. One day became the entire weekend plus Monday. Normally some people were wondering why I haven’t updated the site or been on air the last week. Well now you know. Leg surgery to remove a tumor growth I had on my leg, and so far the pain is real….. But cáncer it’s not! Thankfully all lab results on the leg came back negative so no cancer in this growth!

But when I say that this staff was Wonderful! I’m talking about the entire staff of this hospital, all the way from the moment I got there! The people at the emergency room front desk, the lady who took my information, to the security guards everyone was extremely polite, and nice about getting me help, and very quick in dealing with not just myself but every other person in there for their emergencies. I could never do for a living what these people do, and they have one fantastic staff on board.

Every doctor who helped me, Nurse, even the folks who would bring the food were pleasant, and polite, and working in harmony with each other. Why am I giving out such a review on my site, and social media? Because mostly when people are angry they lash out, and cause negativity to spread, and fear but we are easy to forget to thank those who go out of their way on a daily basis to do a fantastic job in a field as important as the medical field.

Also I wanted to make sure that people understood that with me showing you all what I went through without “insurance coverage”, and no current job cause of my back injury I was NOT turned away, and I DID not get offended over it. They took me in, and gave me the best care available… PERIOD!

This is why this country is the envy of other countries, and why even though places like “CANADA” always gets praised for their healthcare system so many canadians come here for treatment instead. Ever wonder why that is if their system is so great, and perfect, and better than ours?

ANYONE who says our medical institutions need “Obamacare” or ANYTHING that changes the way these great people do their job or keeps them from being able to do the best possible for each person is not needed in this country, and the way our medical system works fine. I’ve never seen anyone enter an emergency room in this country who was denied help when needed so don’t believe that lie the media, and angry people spread.

By the way most doctors I’ve spoken to before don’t like “Obamacare”, and claim it to be a terrible hamper in how they conduct help to our citizens, and people who need help in this country… I went to the emergency room, and within an hour I was in a bedroom being helped by EVERY available nurse, and specialist that wanted to help me, and save my leg, and I got what I could say is nothing more than amazing treatment from everyone, and I mean everyone! It was first class all the way at Jackson South in Miami, FL

My doctors Orlando Rodriguez, Jaime Carbonell, Juan Carlos Perez-Morales I wanted to thank them for all their input, and for being available to help out at anytime, and would come by and really were easy to deal with, and look like people who really cared about their work. The entire nursing staff was excellent also, and very professional about the job they did. The young lady who took care of cleaning up the wound the doctors name was Victoria who’s both beautiful on the outside, and inside, she did an amazing job on my leg, and was very polite, and none judgemental as to how someone could let his leg get this bad, and not take care of it sooner!

But I wanted to thank her for what she did, and she’s much younger then I am, and gives me great hope for our nations young people with people like her in the medical field, and likewise with the doctors who are all younger or around my age. But again they were not alone like I said all the folks there from her to the Hospitality Concierge Coordinator Sean Capote (who’s a great guy really enjoyed his visit!) to the ladies who took my blood, checked my pulse, cleaned the rooms, even the guys who brought the food the room always had a great vibe, and was very polite, and went out of his way to make sure everything was good in the room. The young man’s name I didn’t catch who would bring the room the meals was great everytime we dealt with him. Again everyone went out of their way to make an otherwise scary situation into a very family kind of environment. I couldn’t recommend this hospital more I don’t work at the hospital I just had excellent treatment, and people should get rewarded for doing the best they can when they do it.

Even the person in the room as my “roommate” a Cuban like myself named Hector Roque who was a one of a kind type of fella. Older man who’s lived an extraordinary life, and who’s decades of life shows on his face, and who’s still able to smile, and stay positive even during the hardest days of his life. Great human being.

I also want to thank all my friends & Family who sent me well wishes on social media, phone calls, tweets, visits.

I especially want to thank the following people for their undying support, and love. Dennis & Marsha Crenshaw for this beautiful gift. Holding back the #tears love you both more than words will be able to say.

Dennis has been a close friend for a DECADE now, and he, and Marsha Crenshaw will always be in my heart. Love the gift. 🙂

My dad Luis Espino who was there to lend his support like he always does during these times of medical emergencies… Love you poppa!

My 2nd cousin Arturo Gallego who’s in hospice, and in the last days of his life, and someone who growing up I always knew as one of the most gentle human beings you will meet. Great dude, and it’s so sad his health is so bad now. He’s my dad’s first cousin. #Bless you primo.

A List of my good Friends & Family who reached out also this weekend to make sure things would be ok! Much love to you all.

Arlene Chaves, Carlo Mendez, Gary Barrientos & Marina Barrientos, Chris Russell (Kayo Kano), Andreina Espinoza, Dory Espino, Jesse Singer, Brandon Hudson, Alex Haro, Eric Lee Huffman, Marc Brinkerhoff, Kaiser Shuff, Jesse Thacker, Darrell Chambers, Patrick Mahaney, Max Mahaney, Seth Weiler, Alfredo Clemente, Oliver Batfan, Paul Dale Roberts, Jose Corzo, Stephen Roberts,
IF I missed anyone sorry but much love, and thank you for the support also! I’m still in a lot of pain but wanted to thank you all for the love, and again support.

#Respect #Love

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