Julian Assange did nothing wrong! Finds US Federal Court

I Hope this is true because all he did was expose someone who not only should be in prison he also exposed someone who once asked for him to be murdered with a drone! Now in this tweet it says a “US Federal court has ruled that wikileaks and Julian Assange lawfully published the Hillary Clinton emails, and found no “evidence” of Collusion with Russia.” With that folks he needs to be freed, and she needs to be prosecuted, and arrested.

Remember when she said this? “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

That’s the suggestion then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently offered in 2010 regarding the appropriate Obama administration response to the damage done by documents released by WikiLeaks.

This isn’t the first time the whistleblowing website has leaked information on the Democratic presidential hopeful, but it is the first time that the material included Clinton’s suggestion for what the U.S. response should be to the editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange (shown).

As for how Assange would have been assassinated, it would have been via a planned military drone strike, and Hillary Clinton — whether seriously nor not — recommended summarily executing Assange without any accusation of any crime, without any response by Assange himself, and without any due process whatsoever.

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