Joy Reid claims to have “a cellphone full of texts from people who aren’t sure” Trump really has COVID

So another new low by the radical media, and the evil socialists continue to spread lies, and gossip against Trump! The Media seems to no wait they are running away with this new conspiracy theory! In what is not real relevant news but you know one little day cannot go by without the leftists radicals coming up with another lie to smear the President somehow, and to keep the lies going enough to make sure the Libtards believe them. Now this POS known as birth name “Joy Reid” claims to have “a cellphone full of texts from people who aren’t sure” Trump really has COVID! Well here I sit drinking a soda, and asking myself. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK? Seriously how is this being reported as news? This is gossip at best, and misleading information for the most part. This air wasting human scum Joy Reid who’s got ZERO class, and brings nobody JOY is someone who’s just another socialist/communist on the band wagon folks, and like usual the suspects in this war are making this into a conspiracy theory. My god, and they want to talk shit about the right? These 4 years we have had nothing but lies, and conspiracy from the left! Now they show they have no compassion also.

Wow check out these posts folks…

President Trump posted a video on Friday before flying to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday, saying he is “doing very well, but we’re going to make sure that things work out.”

🔦 Various members of the media also said White House statements on President Trump’s health cannot be trusted.

CNN host Anderson Cooper said White House statements on Trump’s health are “pretty much meaningless.” Much like your manhood huh Anderson Pooper scooper? This fucking dildo face idiot is such a loser but wait there is more! Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan (Another democrat loser..)  wrote a column with the headline, “Journalists, beware: This White House can’t be trusted to be truthful about Trump’s health.”

Vox published an article with the headline: “The future of the country hinges on Trump’s health and we can’t trust he’s telling the truth.” Well funny since Biden lied in EVERYTHING he’s been saying for years and nobody on the media calls him out on it, and lied on almost everything he said in the debate plus had a tag team partner in Creepy Chris Wallace, and yet nobody seems to notice. But Trump no he’s the liar! Even t ho he didn’t lie about anything during the debates, and has been the best President this country has seen in my lifetime.

“The sad truth is we really can’t trust at face value what comes out of the White House on this,” ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl said on The View. “There has been so much misinformation that has gone out, you know, about the virus, about the pandemic, about things like voter suppression, it’s really hard to know what to believe.”

No Mass Media we can’t trust anything that comes out of your mouth… You’re all liars, and con artists bent on destruction, and the takeover of this country. Remember keep this in mind guys there are two classes of Liberals now. THE FAR Left! And the more old school Liberals, and the sad thing is that the EXTREMISTS figured out that if the have the morons, and mentally ill liberals at their side they can win the war. Those they pander too are what is known as the “Libtards.” You know who they are your normal everyday brain dead liberal who doesn’t know the facts they just hear it on mainstream news so it must be real! These are the morons who back Antifa/BLM and don’t know who the first President was or who freed the slaves was. These are people who have gone full retard, and love Hollywood, sports, and believe LeBron James, Anderson Cooper, and these idiots like Jim Acosta. These people are all sold out extremists who want to abolish this country. This folks is now a war, and it’s one we must win. Come NOV 3rd be heard, and go vote for Trump! He’s our only hope.

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