Campaign Teaser for Sands of Fate: A STAR WARS STORY [FAN FILM]

This is awesome folks! Get behind this project as this feels, looks, and really brings back the feel for Star Wars that even the official movies haven’t been able to do. Much like Mandalorian this just “Feels” like Star Wars.

Help us…you’re our only hope to bring Sands of Fate to life!
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DISCLAIMER: This is a not-for-profit film project to be produced by Escape Velocity Content. Themes, characters, music, and visuals contained in this project, are the property of Lucasfilm LTD, LLC & Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company)

After the success and amazing fan love of our first Star Wars short, Birth of a Monster, we are journeying back to a “galaxy far, far away” to film a second original Star Wars story tying back to George Lucas’s original trilogy. Similar to Birth of a Monster, our story will combine original characters, as well as familiar faces, to deliver an extremely fun and satisfying short Star Wars episode. The story of SANDS OF FATE will tell the story of an Imperial defector who finds himself in a pit of scum and villainy, only to accept a secret assignment, which sparks new life and opportunity for his future.

Director Timothy Reed Martin
Director of Photography Nick Mahar
Producer Alec Eskander
Edited by Bryan Rowland
Music by John Williams and Aaron James Eckardt

Tiro is played by Nathan Bock
4-Lom is performed by Chris Bartlett and voiced by Steve Blum
0-TK is performed by Dan Bohman and voiced by Steve Blum
Antillus is puppeteered by Dan Bohman and voiced by Steve Blum

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