So Disneys big 3 stars to be now have said they’re pretty much done with STAR WARS With I think maybe only one in Oscar Isaac who you might convince to come back if anything but even he I doubt at this point but he seemed to be the only one who was a real fan of the series.. Actors John Boyega, and Daisy Ridley only did the movies because it’s a franchise which would bring them world wide fame. Those two have been very vocal about not coming back, and Boyega even said right when the final movie in the sequels wrapped up that he was not going to be “Disney+” on this role, and he was done then. Looks like He’s got more to say as
John Boyega again said that his time in SW looks to have come to an end, which is again no surprise. This time he to a fan comment on social media about wielding a green lightsaber for the next Star Wars movie, which saw Boyega offer up again that he has moved on. An Instagram user commented: “Force Finn in action with Green lightsaber dressed in black is all I want from the next SW film!” Boyega replied: “lol no thank you. I’ve moved on [heart emoji].”

Another fan dropped in and said: “really just got those Disney bucks and dipped [laugh crying emoji],” to which Boyega responded: “nope. Not into playing one role for too long. I have more to offer than that. That’s all.” A fan also added: “you know they’re bad movies when even you don’t wanna go back to them… excited to see you in future projects though!” Boyega did say he wouldn’t mind returning to his character from Attack the Block.

“I haven’t played Moses in over a decade. I’d love to revisit him. Now he is a BADASS,” he said… Which is a subliminal shot at his role in the sequel trilogy as he went from potential badass to bad joke within the span of 1 movie. It sounds as if John Boyega, too, were disappointed with Finn’s portrayal in the Disney Star Wars movies, which saw a promising start in The Force Awakens especially with Finn’s relationship with Rey; however, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson threw that all away in The Last Jedi in favor of some sort of forced onscreen attempt at romance with Rose Tico. Who should have NEVER even been in this franchise as a character, and only took away screentime from the main cast, and from the stories narrative set in The Force Awakens, and moving forward into when
J.J. Abrams came back on board with The Rise of Skywalker in an attempt to fix things where it was obvious the Finn and Rose relationship was thrown out, but it all came up short. The damage has been done, and there was even a scene where Finn was going to tell Rey something, which was not that he loved her according to reports, but that he was Force Sensitive, which was some “big secret” for some reason. The setup from a fan stand point was that Finn & Rey would end up together, and both be force sensitive, and this is why the force brought them together to fight Kylo Ren. This was a logical, and good storyline but butchered by the writers in charge like Chris Terrio, and Rian Johnson. Two men who have no business involved in STAR WARS. And should never be brought back to do anything in the series again.

Obviously, John Boyega seems to be stating he will no longer be involved with Star Wars, which is something a couple of the other actors have stated as well, and not just the new 3 main but the last two of the main 3 from the original trilogy also listen to what this folks last December Boyega agreed with Mark Hamill about how bad The Last Jedi was. “The Force Awakens I think was the beginning of something quite solid. The Last Jedi, if I’m being honest, I’d say that was feeling a bit iffy for me. I didn’t necessarily agree with a lot of the choices in that, and that’s something that I spoke to Mark [Hamill] a lot about and we had conversations about it,” said Boyega. After the riots, and looting started John also has been very vocal about his support for the domestic terrorist groups known as “Antifa & Black Lives Matter” and along with Mark Hamill have shown they’re true Socialist, and somewhat communist agendas via Twitter. In one rant Mark Hamill attacked the grandson of President Trump who’s a child and the attack came when the kid was dressed in a storm troopers photo for Halloween. Mark has become a complete dip shit, and one who I will never support in anything again period, and I mean that as a life long fan who has since seen his once idol become a caricature of his former self, and become a joke. Which brings more true ever the quote from the Dark Knight trilogy by “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” To me Mark Hamill, and John Boyega are real life villains. They’re both in favor of destroying this country we love. So I say FUCK THEM BOTH! Time to move on without them for the sake of the STAR WARS own future.

Now we all know It’s rumored that Disney may even be retconing the Star Wars sequel franchise and eliminating the Sequel Trilogy. We can only hope… I’ve given thought about a possible new trilogy which would not just fix things but bring the entire franchie back on track, and make everything that’s come before it part of the narrative. I’ve ran my idea via some friends who have all loved them, and it would set up for a trilogy. I’m going to write it, and send it to Disney, and Lucasfilms as a treatment and hope they like it… But whatever they do I personally will not miss the new cast as the sequels are a waste of time. They literally went nowhere, and did nothing but hurt the franchise. Kathleen Keneddy needs to step down or leave Lucasfilms at this point before the company can win back the fans.

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