Joe Rogan Responds to Bernie Sanders Endorsement Controversy

Joe Rogan Responds to Bernie Sanders Endorsement Controversy on his show, and he’s got a lot to talk about as the media has doubled down hard on him since he endorsed the BERN.

Well what do you know JOE! You get in bed with one of the devils, and the left berns…. burns you too. See the left hates themselves as much as they hate Trump from the looks of it. The country is divided because the left which sadly you adhere to is fucking nuts.

Sanders is a moron, and socialist, and just because he’s been consistent in being that for decades doesn’t make his idiotic idology right…. Socialism, Communism has never worked, and will never work. You have the Freedoms you do Joe because you’re not living in one of those countries, and to support, endorse or even come close to being in favor off these ideologies is not just wrong! It’s down right stupid. But you yourself in this video say your dumb…. lol I find this hilarious.

This is Karma for what you did to Bill Birnes… LOL You and people whose name sound like “BURN” but not spelled like that have bad history Joe.

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