不 Joe “China” Biden said Trump is 1st ‘racist’ president!不 As riots continue in Portland!

Oh the Sniffler is back at it again! My god Creepy Joe Biden calls Trump the first racist US president. First Trump is a lot of things but a racist he’s not… But what I do love is how Biden who’s put more blacks in prison than anyone, said Obama was the first “negro who spoke well” and now recently told votes “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for Joe Biden.” Said that he loved “negro kids” who bounced on his lap? And stroked the hair on his legs? Remember he wrote the 1993 Crime Bill which destroyed black families for what until Trump got in office, and actually did something to help the black community which has been left behind by failed leaders from mostly the democRATS! But the sad thing is a lot of not so bright left leaning black folks are still stuck on the plantation. It’s like someone forgot to give these folks the memo that they is free, and they can decide for themselves, and don’t need some asshole telling them “IF YOU Don’t vote for me you ain’t black!” So the guy who put millions of blacks in prison and is white himself is the one who decides who’s black? At least JOE isn’t in office because my goodness what a mistake it would be to elect the village idiot.

Biden (D) referred to President Trump as the first “racist” president during a town hall event this last Wednesday. This happened as Biden was questioned during the event, which was organized by the Service Employees International Union, about Trump’s tendency to refer to COVID-19 as the “China virus” or “Wuhan virus.”

“What President Trump has done in his spreading of racism … the way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where theyre from, is absolutely sickening,” Biden said. Biden is an idiot folks… The virus came from China, and I’m not racist, and I call it the “KungFlu” so you need to get your bullshit together. This isn’t racist to call a virus that came from CHINA as the “CHINESE VIRUS!” Joe you’re as dumb as rocks when you hear someone say “King Flu” it’s a joke, and it’s NOT racist… Joe Biden, and the media along with these mayors are all the real enemies here.

But to actually utter such stupidity at the world! Everyone’s laughing now at just how stupid it is to say that Trump is the FIRST racist President! First he’s done nothing racist by called it the Chinese Virus or KungFlu. Those aren’t racist terms, and the virus came from……. CHINA! You fucking un american jackass! Biden is so sold out to China he had a Chinese lady paid to come out and speak in a bad Accent (made to sound authentic!) just to trash Trump. Biden has no clue what he’s ever saying and he lies about everything. This ones a big one since Trump has never owned slaves, and 12 previous Presidents including Washington had slaves. SO Joe just on historical FACTS he’s wrong… UNLESS Joe doesn’t like to count blacks as people? I mean remember he calls them the “Super Predators” or how he, and Killary Kilton called them as kids. The “Niggas.” You want Racism JOE? Again remember he wrote the 1993 Crime Bill. I guess Joe doesnt consider owning Black people racist. 不

Even one time fan Charlamagne tha God slams Biden for calling Trump first racist president. Biden is losing big time here guys.

Now watch the comments by Joe China Biden, and President Trump below when he’s asked about Biden’s comments.

Now this is Joe Biden showing his stupidity but he’s not just the first evil democRAT who doesn’t give a fuck about us the people, and is using the riots, looting, and the virus to try and turn the public on Trump! But it’s starting to backfire… Check out this videos from YouTuber “Tim Pool” from a DemocRAT who’s coming around, and seems to see the bullshit being thrown at Trump is just a joke!

Portland City Commissioner Demands Mayor Give Her Control of Police So Cops Don’t Stop Rioters! This folks is now lunacy… So while Joe thinks Trump is the first President to be Racist check this out!

If you really want to get down to what is wrong with Portland, Oregon, look no further than those who have been elected to run the city. Sure, somebody voted for those really bad leaders, but Portland is a city that has no leadership, all the same. A more accurate description of Rip City officials would be elected protestors. Portland is a mecca for the aggrieved. During its 55th consecutive night of riots and protests on Wednesday, Portlands Mayor, Democrat Ted Wheeler, was actually among protestors demanding an end to whatever it is they are protesting at this point.CBS News reported Wheeler was inundated with tear gas from the federal troops who were attempting to protect government property, as Wheeler and other officials refuse to enforce the rule of law. Wheeler who stood next to leftist rioters Wednesday as they hurled burning trash at federal property and officers is sadly also the citys police commissioner. Those duties come with being elected mayor of the city.

Someone in Portlands government sees Wheeler for the ineffectual leader he is and wants to strip the role of commissioner of the Portland Police Bureau from him. Sadly, that person, Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, might be more radical than Wheeler. Hardesty blames the citys violence on Wheeler and police officers, and not the hordes of angry vandals, arsonists and other miscreants. She issued a statement last week demanding Wheelers powers as commissioner of the police department be ceded to her amid months of lawlessness. But she isnt hoping to take control of the department to restore order for the people in the city who are being held hostage by the perpetual chaos. She wants control over the department so she can further nullify its powers to protect and serve the people of Portland.

Last evening the best of Portland was on full display, Hardesty said her statement. On short notice, thousands of Portlanders came out to exercise our constitutional right to free speech and peaceful assembly. This was a united call to end the occupation of our city by federal troops and demanding an end to the aggressive violence being perpetrated on our city by both federal troops and the Portland Police, she continued. We had impassioned speakers sharing a variety of perspectives and opinions, she said. We lit candles. We sang. We danced with the incredibly talented Portland Hip Hop community. We talked about the work ahead and how we are going to re-imagine community safety. Hardesty went on to attack acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and federal agents, whom she referred to as 45s goon squad, before calling for the police department to be hers. I demand action right now, she wrote. Mayor Wheeler, if you cant control the police, give me the Portland Police Bureau.

Wheeler did not turn over the department to Hardesty after her July 18 letter, and tweeted on Monday that he would continue to serve as Police Commissioner through this time of transformation.

Wheeler has also pledged to partially defund his own officers. Oregon Public Broadcasting reported last month that Wheeler dissolved his citys Gun Violence Reduction Team. This is our opportunity to reimagine every aspect of policing, Wheeler said. This is a time that calls for bold and, at times, as Ive said, uncomfortable reforms.

Hardesty at least agreed with Wheeler on that decision. On the departments now-former gun violence unit, Hardesty told Oregon Public Broadcasting, They couldnt find a gang member if they fell over one. Still, Hardesty wants police powers further curtailed. But while Portlands terrible leaders engage in infighting, citizens of the city are paying. Journalist Andy Ngo, who reports from the city on social media nightly, does a very good job of documenting the turmoil in Portland.

The Oregonian reported that in the first 13 days of July, police in Portland had already responded to 42 shootings. That is a dramatic spike, as Portland averaged 32 shootings in a month last year, never going over 40 in a month. Now that federal agents are involved in battling nightly riots, Portlands leaders want Wolf and other federal officials to leave the city. Wolf, though, says that isnt going to happen.

While Democrats and the media attempt to mislead the country about the situation in Portland, President Donald Trump, Wolf and the agents on the ground are committed to protecting public property and restoring order, even if it means they have to subvert a pair of local officials engaged in a standoff about who is more woke.

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