Creepy Sniffing Joe was doing well on Super Tuesday until this happened! LOL

OK So he came out of life support for Super Tuesday this week, and took some major victories including endorsements by mental midgets like EstuBETO O’Rourke, Mayor Pete “My Buttiguy” Buttigieg, Mini Mike Bloomberg, and Amy Klobuchar. Bernie Sanders now being his only opposition left. One which seems to be getting the shaft again like he did in 2016 as nobody is crazy enough to actually want Bernie to win.

Let’s be real here Bernie is like that crazy old uncle we all have who we enjoying seeing once every 3 or 4 years because he’s such a loose cannon we don’t want him around all the time. BUT he is someone we want to keep for a short time until the time for everyone to pack up and start leaving of course. Now as we wrap up the hot garbage that was this DNC election process filled with leftist, socialist idiots like those who endorsed Biden. Just remember the more EXTREME, and hated AOC Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the idiot bartender who pretends she’s a congress woman but is a paid actress working for a group called “The Socialist Democrats” which is ran by ‘Cenk Uygur’ from ‘The Young Jerks’ as I call them.

Yes I know AKA ‘The Young Turks’ the point is she’s one of the most hated women in congress right now, and she’s part of the whole “FRAUD SQUAD” the 4 morons in congress with the loudest mouth, and smallest brains. You know who I mean… But back to Creepy, Sleepy, Sniffing Joe Biden.

Seemed like he was doing well on Super Tuesday, and he did win pretty large, and resurrected a nearly dead campaign with major victories. Until he inserted foot in mouth once again. He put his foot so deep in there he later once he was declared the winner didn’t want to take questions from reporters, and instead made a short statement, and was walked away. Joe is losing it folks, and now he cannot even figure out who is wife or sister is? This guy is not just a goofball creepy sniffing old man! He’s really losing it folks, and this is starting to be sad. IF This is the President you all want on the left! This explains a lot about why when I meet an extreme democrat these days you all seem like complete crazy people! You all protect your own? First Protesters rush stage stopping Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday victory speech then he followed that by mistakenly calling his sister his wife, and well folks it’s clear this guy just isn’t well upstairs.

Anyway check out the video below, and for laughs the ones below that… All in for Joe? Say “LIBTARDS!”

Check out some hilarious reactions from others on YouTube, and other footage of Joe Biden having a glitch in the mental matrix.

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