Joe Biden Babbles NONSENSE on MSNBC This is SAD to Watch!

Joe Biden Babbles NONSENSE on MSNBC… Funny, and sad at the same time actually. This is now elderly abuse I mean this guys in no shape to lead this country forward. NONE!

Check out this video below as it furthers my point that the man just isn’t fit for office. This guy can’t come up with a normal sentence, and he’s done not a single debate against Trump! How can we have an election where the guy who wants the job wont debate the President? This is ridiculous, and shows how much the left is trying to rig this election in November. I have said it before, and will again if you vote for Biden you’re a fucking idiot. This man is not presidential, and should be in prison or mental home. I will go a step further… IF YOU Vote for Biden you belong in a mental home also… Seriously. This is not a joke anymore this is serious guys. Our country is at stake… the very fabric of the country we’ve all come to from other lands to be a part of is being terrorized, demonized, and destroyed by evil people, and BIDEN is their mentally handicapped puppet.


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