Jimmy Dore Exposes More Racist comments By Joe Biden!

Jimmy Dore exposing Joe Biden and his past racist remarks should go a long way folks.. Just pay close attention to what JOE said about blacks, latinos, and Obama himself. IF Trump had said half these things he would get slaughtered by the press, and killed by the angry left mob. But it’s Joe Biden so it doesn’t matter that he’s a total racist piece of shit?

I cannot believe the total hypocrisy when I see black people defend this scumbag, and say they will vote for him. He’s been the reason hundreds of thousands of Black & Latino people have gone to prison! People on the left love him cause they’re all racist cunts themselves. ANYONE who believes this old fuck is not a racist come see me I got some beans which you can plant, and it will grow and grow large. Large enough to take you too the land of the giants… Oh man you have to be one stupid fuck to believe JOE BIDEN is not a racist, and Trump is.

These are JOE BIDENS own stupid words people! This isn’t made up by me or anyone this is his own words being a racist, and nobody can deny this. Not JOE, not OBAMA, NOT ANYONE! JOE Biden is clearly 100% racist, crazy, delusional, and NOT Presidential material.

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