Jim Jordan calls out House DemoncRATS!

Direct quote from Mr Jordan “Figure out who’s ‘going to jail’ over Trump-Russia, Clinton probes!” – Jim Jordan

Those were the words as he called the left DemoncRATS who prepare to proceed with their legislative agenda, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said lawmakers should shift their focus from impeachment to investigating former FBI Director James Comey and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Which I agree with 100% And still wonder why are the Dems so hung up on Trump when they have skeleton sin their own closet they refuse to look at!

“When you’re solely focused on going after the president you can’t do what’s best for the country. And that’s been the problem with the Democrats,” Jordan said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” Once again he’s 100% correct, and this is why the President has had to do some things without Congress because it’s clear they’re not on the side of the American people, and or this current President.

“Jim Comey… is the guy solely responsible for putting the country through three years of this saga that we have now lived through,” he continued, arguing that many Americans want to know “when someone’s going to jail” over alleged wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia and Clinton email investigations… The dems are still trying to figure out what went wrong which is hilarious when you think about how much was spent on a fake russian hoax. Why can’t they admit wrong doing on their side, and bring to justice those who did it?

Last month, a Justice Department inspector general report said that Comey violated FBI policy when he revealed information about discussions with President Trump to people outside the agency. Last year, the inspector general criticized Comey’s handling of the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server for emails while she was secretary of state.

Jordan claimed much of the Democratic agenda has failed, including their questioning of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and former special counsel Robert Mueller. He also said they should be more focused on shoring up the southern border and dealing with China’s intellectual property theft which echos the truth that our President has been saying for over 2 years. Jim Jordan you’re not only a great U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district you’re also a brave, and true patriot of this country! He’s been spot on from day one. Watch him battle the left on YouTube if you haven’t seen his videos from congress the man should run for President one day. He’s earned my respect, and vote.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are looking to formally define what Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., has referred to as impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Democrats on the committee are planning on voting on how the investigation is defined, through a resolution that would set the boundaries of the probe, Politico reported.

“The Michael Cohen hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted. The John Dean hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted and of course, the Bob Mueller hearing and that investigation didn’t work out the way they wanted,” Jordan said earlier in the interview.

“But that doesn’t stop them. They’re going to continue to push this ridiculous impeachment narrative,” he added. “When they’re focused on this warrantless impeachment inquiry, you’re not getting done the things we need to be doing, like fixing the border situation — dealing with… the intellectual property theft of China. Things we’re supposed to deal with on the Judiciary Committee.” Watch full video below.

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