Jacob Blake’s fiancé has criminal record, sued him for child support

Laquisha Booker, identified as Blake’s fiancé, has an arrest record as well as child support cases against Blake. So let’s not forget that Blake wasn’t a good guy here, and as Booker can be seen yelling at police and jumping in video taken of the shooting. 

Following the shooting she gave an interview to WTMJ-TV.  Blake was wanted under warrant for a rape charge when he was shot by a police officer last Sunday, sparking off violent protests. The Wisconsin Department of Justice last week revealed Blake had a knife in his possession at the time of the shooting.

I love how she called the cops, he resisted arrest, and got himself shot! But somehow now she’s mad at the cops? Not the rapist who went for a weapon, and was under arrest? Next time she calls the cops. HANG UP ON HER! The police officer’s union recently came out in support of local law enforcement. See the Kenosha Reporter’s past coverage of the Blake shooting here.

Yet Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris went, and showed support for a rapist, who was under arrest, and went to get a weapon to possibly kill the cops who had to chase him around a car begging him to stop while he didn’t, and got himself shot. NOW the cops are being made the badguy but the rapist Jacob Blake is being labled a hero? What world is the left living in here? This is why they’re pandering to these domestic terrorists groups to get this country in a civil, and racial war. This is all for the election, and to divide us more. The fact is the cop did the right thing, and this asshole Jacob Blake is lucky he’s alive. He wont be walking away from the cops ever again I’ll say this….. KARMA.

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