📷 Footage of Jacob Blake shotting, and yes it’s justified!

IF The name Jacob Blake doesn’t ring a bell! It shouldn’t! Nobody should know who this idiot is but since we live in a world where now people riot everytime some dickhead does something that gets himself shot by a cop we have other dickheads with no lives, and a lot of time on their hands, and George Soros money so they go out, and riot, and loot, and hurt other innocent people, and murder all in the name of one moron who got himself shot. Now Jacob is the moron who was shot less than 3 minutes after Wisconsin police arrived at the scene. So he’s a special kind of stupid! I mean according to dispatch audio and I’ve seen the footage, and folks once again this was a justified shooting… This one is even easier to argue then most honestly but in all this stupidity by angry stupid people who don’t know right from wrong. Here we go again.

Multiple people shot during third night of protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake… Get that? Now Jacob didn’t die in the shooting luckily for him but his Father Says Jacob Blake Is Paralyzed From Waist Down. IF You haven’t seen this video it’s clear this shooting by the cops is justified. Why can’t people understand that resisting arrest is not cool, and if a cop has a GUN drawn don’t walk away, and open the door to your car lean in like your gonna grab your gat while they’re literally giving you enough time to NOT do just that. This guy Jacob is some kind of stupid. I mean I feel for him he was probably raised by stupid parents but who knows. Dude is a moron. You haven’t seen the video of the shooting? Well I got it folks!

  • – Reports Multiple people were shot in Kenosha on the third night of protests
    – Gov. Tony Evers declared a state of emergency in Wisconsin and called on the National Guard in expectation of more protests

    – Jacob Blake’s father says his son is paralyzed from the waist down
    – The officers involved in have been placed on administrative leave

    – Wisconsin Department of Justice is still investigating

“After they punched him in his rib, the female officer tased him and Jacob kind of leaned on the car and they proceeded to wrestle him toward the back of the car and he went to the other side of the car,” White recalled. “When they were on the other side of the car on the ground, I had to pick up my camera and start recording.” So in other words the COPS Body CAM will clear up if White is lying.

The footage shows police confronting Blake on a sidewalk before the father of three walks away from them and moves toward the driver’s side of an SUV. Two of the officers followed him with their guns pointed at him, and then shot him as soon as he opened the door and leaned into the car, the video shows. Witnesses claim Blake had tried to break up a fight between two women when cops showed up and confronted him. Police confirmed they were investigating a “domestic” situation, but they have not said what led them to shoot. But anyone with a logical mind would have done the same if the guy walks away while you have guns pointed at him, and he opens his trucks door, and reaches in. I mean in the words of Joe Biden! “Come on man!” Seriously tho give me a break on this one people

The neighbor, who’s also Black, said the scene was so disturbing that he was unable to sleep Sunday night.
“The police want everybody to know they’re out here to protect and serve, but you guys are constantly giving us — Black people, in particular reasons not to let you guys protect and serve,” White told CNN. “We don’t want you guys around because we are scared for our lives. You come to an incident to disarm an argument, and this Black man gets shot. It wasn’t supposed to go down that.”

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is investigating the incident… But folks just watch the video. The reason he got shot is due to his own actions. He walks away from cops opens the door and reaches in. While guns are on him! Do some people just think they’re so untouchable and above the law that they actually think this behavior is ok? I mean this guys is a special kind of stupid.

“Protesters have begun to try to push over a fence in front of the courthouse in Kenosha. Sheriff’s deputies in riot gear have emerged from the courthouse. Some are throwing projectiles at the officers.”

“In an almost snakelike fashion, law enforcement push forward on their line and move people out of the park in front of the Kenosha County Courthouse. They’ve declared it an unlawful assembly.”

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