IS Wonder Woman 1984 Skipping Theaters?

Well from the looks of it a lot of the Summer films will have to either wait for a new release date OR be moved on to streaming services, and be seen on places like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, yada, yada, yada… You know one of the now half a million different options we have. Hell I was watching stuff on PLUTO TV for crying outloud! Shout out to one Mr Glenn Beck who’s now on there by the way. I listen to his show a lot, and he’s been fantastic during the entire 4 years of Trump coverage. He’s especially been good during this CoronaVirus outbreak. But back to the reason for this post.

You see after Marvel Studios decided to pulled Black Widow from the release schedule, that only left the lady with the golden lasso yep! You got it Wonder Woman as the biggest superhero movie of the summer. The new movie is titled “Wonder Woman 1984” as the film is set in that year, and it’s ironic considering the movie title, and the current political climate we’re under due to the evil socialist left, and now this CoronaVirus outbreak. The main lesson of “1984” is not “persistent surveillance is bad,” or “authoritarian governments are dangerous.” These are all true enough statements, but not the most important message to be had is that “1984” is at its core a novel about language; how it can be used by governments to subjugate and obfuscate, and by citizens to resist oppression.

Orwell was a master of the English language his legacy lives on through some of the words he created. Even those who haven’t read “1984” know some of its “newspeak.” “1984” provides English speakers with a vocabulary to discuss surveillance, police states and authoritarianism, which includes terms such as “Big Brother,” “thought police,” “unperson” and “doublethink,” to name a few. But with that said the movie does look impressive for it’s own merit of it being a big Superhero tentpole film. The movie sadly now looks like due to the coronavirus pandemic will over by the film’s original release date June 5th, 2020. Earlier today, The Wrap reported that Warner Bros. was considering the drastic step of releasing Wonder Woman 1984 digitally instead of theatrically. But as soon as that hit according to IndieWire, Warner Bros. denied the initial report. According to reports Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins has not yet been consulted about sidestepping theaters. Several major studios, including big names like Universal, Sony, and Disney, plan to release the upcoming summer films on digital just a few weeks after they hit theaters. Like I said earlier in one of the MILLION options we now have.

By the way keep this in mind folks if this were to happen, and Wonder Woman 1984 went straight to online streaming it would be the first big budget major studio release to do so ever! This could be seen as a major problem because yeah sure it’s the first but also keep in mind the movie has a budget of $200Million which means this one needs to make no less than double that for the studio to break even as they share revenue with the theaters remember. Also keep in mind they spend sometimes more money on Marketing if needed aside from the initial budget and those numbers are not always fixed into the intial budget reports but sometimes either are added later or forgotten about if the movie is a massive hit. Now this is the sequel to a massive hit as the first movie took in
$821 million worldwide. So this sequel was being seen as a possible BILLION dollar flick. It’s highly unlikely that streaming revenue could match those numbers let alone help this movie make $400million it needs to break sort of even and so the film will not be able to recoup its budget.

And let’s not forget the whole “illegal digital copies” would be much easier to find it’s way to the world in very clear, and high def quality, and so as of now as we stand there is no actual confirmation on this rumor, and Warner Bros. hasn’t postponed Wonder Woman 1984 from its June 5th date. But if the pandemic drags past the summer, that will be an inevitable if not obvious step. Unless they put it on the shelve and hold off until the world is back to normal which is what I would do. Oh I know this outbreak could last months, and maybe worst case years. But at least lets see how bad the next few months go by before making such a major step with such a big film.

What are your thoughts? Should Wonder Woman 1984 skip theaters, and go direct to streaming? Let me know in the comment section below!

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