Is this proof Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s VeePee pick?

Is this proof Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s pick? Democrat candidate’s speech notes remind him that he holds “no grudges” towards the “talented” Ca. Senator as Politico publishes “technical error” when they were declaring she is his choice but this makes you wonder? Or is it just me?

In their primary debate scuffle Harris, who is black, said Biden made ‘very hurtful’ comments about her past work with segregationist senators and she ripped him for his past opposition on school busing to integrate schools on July 31. How ironic huh? And he cannot remember enough to not hold a grudge? LMAO!

Also Joe China has not been tested for Covid 19 but why should he? He’s not let out much from his dungeon! LOL

Joe Biden may be eyeing Sen. Kamala Harris as his pick for Vice President as he was photographed during a Tuesday event holding talking notes about the California lawmaker.

The former Vice President revealed he’ll announce his pick for running mate in the presidential election in the first week of August and remained tight lipped on who he might choose.

But he was seen holding a note pad that included Harris’ name and under it notes that he does ‘not hold grudges’, likely in reference to their heated clash in a primary debate earlier this year. Under her name he also wrote that Harris ‘campaigned with me & Jill’, is ‘talented’, ‘has great respect for her’ and has been a ‘great help to [the] campaign.’

In his speech note under the heading ‘VeePee’ Biden put ‘highly qualified’ and ‘diverse group’, showing he didn’t plan to drop any details on his choice for the position. The note is consistent with comments Biden has made in the past about Harris.

KAmala is viewed as a top contender for the role of VeePee, which The Sniffler Biden has promised will be filled by a “Negro woman.” One he hopes I’m sure is like Obama you know a female “Negro” who is articulate, and good looking. No chance Whoopi Goldberg gets the gig… Just my point of “VIEW” tho.

Tuesday evening Politco mistakenly published an article declaring Kamala Harris as Biden’s pick for vice president in a ‘technical error’, sparking speculation that he may have revealed his choice. ‘Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to become his running mate for the 2020 election on Aug. 1, two weeks before the Democratic National Convention, after keeping his choice close to the chest for month,’ the post said.

The outlet later walked back on the post and said it was not accurate.

‘Due to a technical error, an earlier version of this story mistakenly identified one of the women as Biden’s VP pick. We regret the error,’ the media outlet said. But him picking her would make sense! I mean he’s put bills forward which have locked up more Black men in America than anyone else. And she was a judge who made sure them laws stuck. She’s a horrible human being, and so is he. Match made in hell!

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