IS This a racist country? Or is something else happening here?

Just because there is 1 cop that was white who killed a black man in cold blood does this mean the entire country or police is racist??? Let’s remember he had a Chinese partner, and 2 other cops 1 being black, and 1 white cop… So 2 out of 4 were both of minority decent committed a crime against another human being now we have to hate the flag? Or the country? That’s the victim mentality culture you got stuck in the brain if that is what you’re thinking boys and girls. This is mass media, Antifa, and others manipulating your emotions.

Drew Brees got hit hard by social media over nothing more than honoring his flag, and grandfathers.. He has every right to be proud of his war hero grandfathers both who served during World War II… What is wrong with that? Every soldier who fought, and died defending our very freedom of speech, freedom of expression, constitutional rights, (Something I suggest you look into.) and these people hate him for it?

The country is not racist, and I’m Latino myself… Some people who become cops are? YES! But this doesn’t mean ALL COPS or the institution is? No folks this doesn’t mean that at all. Also more whites are killed by cops then blacks but the media doesn’t report this.

The Media is using the tragic killing of 1 man at the hands of 1 man to manipulate feelings, and keep us divided! This is what they want because they know it causes controversy, and so they can somehow spin it, and blame the race card, and some how blame TRUMP! Cause you know after 4 years in office he’s now responsible for everything ever done in the history of white people… EVER!

Do you not understand how stupid that is? … Do we know this was even racially motivated? Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn’t… We know a few things by Looking at the cops involved… 1 main white cop Derek Chauvin, and his “Asian” partner are at the center, and both have a wrap sheet of being rough with people. Guess what? Both DemocRATS.

Also there was 2 more cops right? One white “Kiernan Lane” who was telling Derek they shouldn’t be doing this, and he was the ONLY one saying this but he was arrested for being on the scene, and not “stopping” the murder. But this black cop was also arrested, and he was part of the group that was involved is he racist? He’s one of the 4 cops.
What about the bricks being found just in time for the looters, and rioters to arrive on the scene?

Oh, and this all came out of a city controlled by Ilhan Omar a racist anti American congress woman who’s been very silent since this happened… Almost like she don’t care. Wonder why? Oh because she’s also a criminal, and is facing legal issues of her own. But that’s another story… As for Mr Floyd let’s not overlook that he lost his life at the hands of a bad man who decided to take it… But Floyd had the cops called on him for handing a fake 20$ bill at a convenient store, and was going to be arrested for counterfeiting regardless of what happened next.

Look at how it all went down, and let’s not forget… “On May 25, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, after a deli employee called 911, accusing him of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived at the scene, Mr. Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three police officers, showing no signs of life.” He broke the law! Had he not done this he would be alive now… So we’re to forget that little fact that George had a wrap sheet, and wasn’t innocent of being a criminal himself cause crime shouldn’t be punished?

Let’s take a look at George Floyd who was the victim here, and see how much of a victim he was in life…

Now I get it the punishment here wasn’t one that should have resulted in his life but at the same time about about the other 15 innocent people who lost their lives during the riots? Why aren’t you all shedding tears for them? David Dorn 77 year old black ex policeman died in these riots.. Why aren’t we talking about that? Yet a career criminal who breaks the law, and is killed by an evil cop who took the law into his own hands is someone we start riots over?

Also how about waiting until the Autopsy and all the facts are in before reacting? You don’t think that what Derek Chauvin did isn’t going to cost him? Of course it was! He murdered the man in cold blood… And to top it off someone who he had worked with before. Lord knows if he recognized him, and they had some prier issues.

My point is the left is spinning this, and people who don’t know FACTS are following like sheep on pure emotion, and nonsense… Without looking at facts. This is being blown out of the water by black racists who are doing nothing but defending Floyd a known criminal with a long wrap sheet… But Drew was simply talking about being proud of his grand parents being this much to trigger this moron? This guy doesn’t have to mention everyone who fought along side even tho if you listen to his entire statement he was very diplomatic in his views on whats happening, and Drew Brees has every right to express his view without being made to apologize for something he didn’t mean to be mean spirited.

What’s going on here is the left has used the death of of a man, and mixed it with emotions egged on by the media, and people who want to see this country destroyed. This isn’t a black or white thing. This is a Socialist/Communist movement, and it’s dangerous folks. Everyone who’s real vocal here is either fucking idiot or just doesn’t understand they’re being played. OR Worse they’re part of the plan.

But make no mistakes folks this is a plan to take this country over, and them bricks left for rioters, and people who bail out rioters are bailing out people who committed crimes, and some even might have killed people. And if you make a comment now like what Drew made you need to retire cause some idiot socialist doesn’t agree? Well this has stopped being AMERICA the day that happens. Everyone has the right of Freedom of Speech, and nothing Drew said was wrong or evil or bad. Period.

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