Inside the Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill…

So folks when the smoke clears, only China will be able to bail us out from our mountain of debt. Why because this bill will not only make it that our debt goes so high that there we will never be able to pay the debt off unless we print more money, and again China will own us. Now this is exactly the thing Pelosi, and the left want. These people are also including money towards ILLEGALS! I mean hold up why are we handing out money to people who don’t belong in this country to start with?

Look folks it’s become clear what this whole thing is about from Nasty Nancy Pelosi! She’s only doing what she’s getting paid to do. Destroy our constitution, and open all borders and make it so the term “illegal immigration” becomes a thing no more. So folks our country will become so open it will become Venezuela or much much worse within about 2 years.

You think things are bad? IF the democRATS have their way we’re fucked… We as Citizens are fucked. What is worth becoming a citizen if this country opens it’s borders to anyone who wants to come in? How about this folks… This makes it easier for our enemies who want to blow this country up literally to get in without being checked, and vetted.

No need to finish the wall… They would be able to come, and go as they wish. We might as well forget trade, and goods made in AMERICA. We as a United States would be DONE. Now what more can I say… IF you vote for the DemocRATS this time around it’s literally the end of the country we had, and we will become China’s bitch.

Oh, and the investigation which is going on which we all know is going to get the truth out on the spying that went on against Trump will be shut down, and we will continued to be lied too by the left, and fed their false narrative. They don’t just want to re-write history! They’re trying to dictate history.

Check out Tucker Carlson’s video here, and others I’m posting, and folks pray that President Trump does NOT sign this bill off until it’s revised and only the AMERICAN Citizens get help, and all the things which will open our borders, and pay illegals money they don’t deserve… They need to be deported back home, and not left here to vote BLUE forever which is exactly why the DemocRATS want this to pass.

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