Inside Tha Jackals Head With Guest Sylvain Rochon [08/08/20210]

A solutions-based futurist speaker, author and entrepreneur. I specialize in educating professionals, decision-makers and politicians on how we can use disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence to improve our society and reinvent our economy to serve the human race.
I am “The Paradise Engineer” Also an international speaker with 12 years professional speaking experience in Asia & North America

A Delegate of the World Future Society
Co-Founder of the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication
An organizing executive of TEDxOttawa
A Certified Master Entrepreneur Facilitator & CoachTM
A regular contributor to magazines such as “The Startup”, “Becoming Human: in the age of artificial intelligence” and “Data Driven Investor”.

The author of “Engineering Paradise: Are You Ready?” published by TellWell
B. Sc. Biochemistry, B. Sc. A. Chemical Engineering, B. Ed. Education
In my talks, keynotes and workshops, I empower audiences with the knowledge that we can choose our future, despite the exponential advancements of technologies disrupting everything we’ve ever known.

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, where our lives are described in bits and bytes and it is a wonderous moment in the history of humanity. We can choose to react to the unpredictable changes happening all around us, or we can proactively choose the future we want to build. I choose to engineer a better world.

This message permeates my talks so get ready for a fun ride looking at the existing and upcoming technologies that will let us build a great future for ourselves and our communities. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing, gene editing, sustainable energy and many more fascinating technologies that, combined with some elbow grease, can be used to make a world where people can live over 150 years, in green environments, without worrying about ever working for a living anymore.

I will leverage my 20+ years as an educator and my 15+ years as an entrepreneur to give you practical tools you can apply in your professional and personal life to make a real difference in your own life.

When you leave my talk, you will feel energized, hopeful and excited about humanity’s prospects. More importantly, you will leave with practical tricks making you a powerful change-maker. Be aware I will take you to places your mind is not accustomed to going, but that’s what you need to become future-proof.

The future is in our hands. Are you ready?

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