Inside Tha Jackals Head With Guest Mike Heston Rogers [07-25-2021]

So there is a major controversy surrounding Mike, Travis and the entire 1975 event which is known as “The Walton Experience” by many and “Fire in the Sky” by those who are more familiar with the film.
The Travis Walton story is of course the story of Fire in the Sky, and with Travis, and the rest of the crew was “The Realist” himself Mike Rogers, and his crew that we’re loggers in Snowflake Arizona.

Over the months that I’ve become friends with Mike I’ve found him to be an honest, fun loving guy with a great personality. He’s got something to say about the things happening, and he’s got an open MIC on my show to do so tonight. Let’s set the record straight on what’s happening with this new controversy being put out there by one Ryan Gordon who is making the claim that Travis has told him the entire thing is a HOAX… Now we need to hear Mike’s side on this matter, and well I will not censor Mike, and I will allow him to speak his mind 100%.
Join us tonight as we expose the truth behind the even’ts of 1975 and this Ryan Gordon guy who’s now making trouble in Snowflake Arizona.

Are you ready? Better be Ready!

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