🎙Inside Tha Jackals Head With Guest Ed Opperman [06-14-2020]

Hey Happy birthday to our President Donald Trump who turned 74 today, and we played some audio to show support from the show to our POTUS! He’s off doing the best job possible during these hard times, and he was thrown at the fire in 2016 and at his age he’s still destroying and draining the swamp.

Join me as I welcome the one, and only host of the Opperman Report yes Mr Ed Opperman himself. Ed has been a member of the PSN Family for years with his show, and for the first time he graces my show with his thoughts, and take on things. For those who don’t know about him well you’re going to love hearing his take on things.

Ed Opperman who has an excellent show only brings on the top notch experts a lot are authors to discuss true crime stories in the news, conspiracy theories, issues of social injustice and NWO resistance. Plus much much more.

He’s a real talent on radio which needs more coverage, and is someone I’m happy to know, and call a friend. He came onboard to PSN years ago, and has been a stable member on our network, and one of the very few people on here who pretty much has an open door to do as he wants because we know he’s a credible source of information, and well he’s an all round nice guy.

So join us as we talk about the latest going on with the world, and how things have evolved since the Covid19 outbreak the lockdown, and whatever else is going on we bring up.

Ed Oppermans Website: The Opperman Report

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