W/ Don Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith says goodbye to the tardis!

Tonight Don Smith joins us to talk about some of our favorite geeky stuff! We are planning on talking mostly about Dr Who, Man of Steel, and Star Wars.

But I’m sure other subjects will come up. But mostly we want to touch on the news that broke this week about Dr Who changing Doctors once again! AS Matt Smith has announced that he’s leaving the show once the holiday special is over.

He will regenerate into the next, and 12th Doctor.

The 4th in the current series which was restarted in 2005, and has featured Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and the latest Doctor Matt Smith who’s now leaving the tardis.

Also tonight we got joined by Zodwriter, and California Guy the co hosts of The Round Table edition of the “Answer to movie troll insanity!”

Fans are really upset by this, and I can understand why! IF you are also upset by it please call in, and let’s talk about it. Call in Number  

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