🎙INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD WITH 💔A Tribute to Jorge Rodriguez & Hour 3 W/ Daniel Louis Crumpton

Ok so tonight we did things a bit different… This was the hardest podcast show I’ve ever had to do. IF you missed it the audio is here below, and please leave any comments on your thoughts about the show, and check out the GO Fund ME page.

So this pas week while the rest of the country was celebrating the independence of the country and setting off fireworks outside little did I know that my radio mentor, friend, and partner on the networks PSN Radio & SoFlo Radio Jorge Rodriguez had passed away July 3rd. Please join us as we pay tribute, and celebrate our good friend, and my radio mentor the great Jorge Rodriguez. Rest in Peace.

I found out a couple of days later thanks to Tony C one of the hosts on “SoFloRadio” which clued me in since I had been so busy I hadn’t noticed the post on Jorge’s page, and others didn’t know how to get to me. He figured out via Skype, and gave what til now has been the worst news in my life after my mother passing.

Nothing can top my mother passing in 2016 as the worst moment in my life, and I remember that moment like it was yesterday.. The look on her face as she left this world still haunts me.

Losing Jorge was like losing my brother; I truly had a great time knowing him, and spending time with him, and tonight we’re going to do something special… I’m having a bunch of folks call in, and they will say they’re words on Jorge in a sort of radio Eulogy to our beloved friend, and have what I hope are good memories we can share with you our listeners.

Jorge meant a lot to the world, and I don’t think he fully understood it, and more often then not we tend to overlook brilliant people until they leave us… This might have been that case with Jorge. He’s one of the smartest guys I ever met in my life. I miss hims o much already, and know his friends, and family do also.

Joined in tonight is Brian “Beast” London, Mitch Phillips, Monica Uribe, Tony Coleman, Alan Michaels, Joe Castello, Zodwriter. We wanted to each take our time to express what Jorge meant to us, and to pay our last tribute to our good friend.

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Third hour Guest Daniel Louis Crumpton to the show who’s going to talk about his show “Zen in the Car” and also his company http://getcannasense.com/ & http://zeninthecar.com/category/

Join us as we literally take a trip to a more blissful world… With a good ZEN in the CAR, what does it even mean? More likely than not people will probably mispronounce it anyway.

Instead of actually reading it out like ZEN IN THE CAR DOT COM they would probably rush through it like they do through everything in this fast paced, internet age and read something like ZENITH CAR.

Who needs an E anyway, right? Even if they pronounce it right; still doesn’t make much sense though. I mean, zen in the car? Have the people behind this ever been through Atlanta traffic in the spaghetti or sliding around corners in Birmingham regardless of how good the tread on their tires are? I wonder how Buddhist they felt in the mountains of Tennessee when they couldn’t get a signal and their favorite music playing thingy wouldn’t pull up the next Radiohead song, just kept buffering and buffering and buffering nearly all the way to Illinois?

I bet when the clowns that came up with such a stupid name for a website got out near Route 66 speeding through the Mojave, dodging potholes like the Millennium Falcon would asteroids, they didn’t feel all peaceful and ohm and whatnot. There’s no way the stress, strains, pains and groans of a never-ending highway would ever let them maintain some utterly futile attempt at maintaining a state of calm, coolness while steering their proverbial car home.

For more information : About Main Site: Zen in the car Get Canna Sense

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