INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD We survived the End of Days Celebration! [Part 1]

We survived it bitches!

Doomsday Prophecies and other nonsense! Tonight on a special episode of Inside Tha Jackals Head!!! 😀 Starts at 11pm yo!

Woo hoo!!! It’s the “one in a lifetime end of days spectacular! Only on Inside Tha Jackals Head!!!”

Seriously I know nothings going to happen but in case we are all wrong, and something does happen like UFO Phil says “You can’t trust the bad aliens! Who knows that they will do.” well I will be live on air just like I said I would on this the possible end of days.

We will have open lines as this is the final live show I do on a Friday night in possibly forever! Not because of the Mayans mind you. But because Sunday’s my new time slot now… 😀

Yes now my show is on Sunday’s at 10pm est and will be for 2 or 3 hours.. All depends on my mood.

Friday nights will remain a night for re-runs of my shows from this show to past shows like Skywatchers Radio to The WoW Factor, and any show I’ve done before.

Skywatchers Radio might come back by the way! More info on that will come out in due time kids.

But anyway for now please join me on December 21st 2012 as we kick off the possible apocalypse in style!

If we gonna die let’s do it together!!! 😀

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