🎤🎧 Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Wilbur Witt & Teddy Clevenger

Join us tonight as we go live on with Wilbur Witt & Teddy Clevenger from the The Butcher Shop during the 2nd hour of the show, and last for 2 hours after they join. I had some great clips and news I went over dealing with the current issues with Vote Fraud, and the clear take over of this country by the radical left. So don’t miss out! Listen in below, and enjoy the show!

The Butcher Shop is a collection of independent writers ranging from journalists to op/ed, from conservative to liberal. Whatever cut of literary meat you prefer the Butcher Shop is here to serve.
First hour will be News, and usual talking facts about what’s happening in the world today. Lot’s to talk about folks so don’t miss the show.

The Butcher Shop: Weird Wilbur

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