Hey folks want to welcome on this week a returning guest here which is an old friend, and one of our favorites on PSN RADIO. The one, and only the very talented film maker Mr Terry Wickham!
We will be talking about the upcoming release of my latest horror feature film Gruesome Threesome Mantaray Pictures LLC will release the horror feature film GRUESOME THREESOME on VOD, Digital HD on October 2, 2020.

Terry grew up in Everett & Snohomish, Washington. Terry’s been watching scary movies since he was four years old. The local late night horror show “Chiller Theater” was the source that enabled Terry to see all the old Universal classic monster movies, as well as the Japanese monster movies like Godzilla. In 1978, HALLOWEEN changed Terry’s life, “I couldn’t get the imagery from that movie out of my head and I wanted to be able to do to an audience what John Carpenter did to me.”

Terry started out in filmmaking by taking a TV production course at Snohomish High School. While in this class, Terry’s teacher was so impressed with his passion for films that he asked Terry to teach the class about John Carpenter’s THE THING.

Terry joined the Army for the College Fund to use to go to film school. While stationed in West Germany and Louisiana, Terry directed 25 amateur music videos, which included a wide selection of songs from such artists as Pantera and George Winston. These videos progressed into professional music videos for artists like Michael Knight and Voodoo Storm. In February 2013 Terry made a moving music video to “Artificial Paradises” by Hammock, which captured a tiny part of the massive destruction that Hurricane Sandy delivered near his home on Long Island. Then he made a music video to “Speed Demon” by Keel, to celebrate the upcoming 2013 NHRA Drag Racing season.

Terry studied directing with the American Film Institute, film technique & technology at New York University and acting at HB Studios in New York City .

The short films Terry has made are; MADAME RED (1990), DOUBLE FANTASY (1994), SARAH (2000), WASHINGTON ROAD (2001), HELP ME (2002) and HAIR OF THE DOG (2003). WASHINGTON ROAD won the international 3 Minute Chillers Contest @ www.urbanchillers.com, which was sponsored by Apple. In July of 2010, Terry made a video to honor the memory of his departed friend from high school Kris Skorupa.

In July of 2008, HAIR OF THE DOG received World Wide distribution from the new Hollywood based Distribution Company IndieRoad.net, an innovative company releasing movies directly to the Net.

Terry made the 132-minute feature film drama called OUT OF TOUCH (1995), as well as directing two episodes “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett” and “Stalk” in the horror anthology film EVIL STREETS (1998). The later episode was designed for busty beauty SaRenna Lee. In 2004, Terry was selected to direct A.V. Lewis-Smith’s six million dollar suspense thriller screenplay WATERFALLS, which never came to fruition. Terry has written a screenplay that could make a major mark within the suspense/horror genre called ANOMALY.

The name Terry means leader. The oldest of nine children, Terry combines enthusiasm with an unbelievable work ethic. Inspired by his favorite three filmmakers Terry says, “I like to use the widescreen film frame like John Carpenter, engineer action in the style of James Cameron and capture cinematic details and performances like Michael Mann gets.”

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