Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Spud Goodman & Gerald Holcomb

Oh man this is special! Tonight I have the honor of welcoming two guys on the show who are not just awesome people but are in the radio biz as I am, and have one of the best podcast on online radio, and radio in general as far as I’m concerned, and the names are Spud Goodman, and his temporary sometimes co host Gerald Holcomb who is in his own right. A Superstar.

I can’t believe it folks the world great Spud Goodman will be on the show! Yes that Spud Goodman! The man has a killer show, and not the kind of killer that murders people. Even tho some of his co-hosts scare me at times.. But Spud is the real deal Holyfield! Just not a boxer, and without a year round tan… But I’ve been looking forward to having him on for sometime.

So this is good… Now check out some info on his awesome show or his podcast by checking out his link below. But to catch you up on this man known as Spud Goodman. He’s a hell of a talent on radio. His program can be heard on several terrestrial radio and internet radio stations in North America and Europe, and some countries I cannot pronounce. Because of big words, and stuff.

Making its mass media debut in February 1985, on a small cable television system in Tacoma, Washington, the Spud Goodman Show was at its inception, merely a marginal vehicle to annoy and entertain the masses. Which is what I’ve been accused off… Well mostly annoy the masses. But I do like to think I entertain someone.

Anyways… Spud, a former radio disk jockey in Sparks, Nevada had been fired when his all Tony Bennett format failed to catch the fancy of listeners and that’s a shame but he pulled together enough money to buy a video camera, and staked his claim on Cable TV… Tony Bennett is great but maybe had it been more ‘Mel Tormé’ ​he might have a better shot? Don’t know but I will ​say this much Gerald is awesome! He should be one day the full time co host IMO… And I while I pull for him Spud does bring up some good reasons as to why he just can’t pull the trigger and make Gerald’s dreams a reality.

But anyways one can always give the man some hope in these dark times where the world is split like a banana down the middle. Like bloods and crips, pac & big, Aliens, Ghosts, Paranormal, Politics, Oprah and her weight. Spud & Gerald are going to have to find a way to… Wait where was I going with that? Anyway not sure but check out the link below, and listen to his show for yourself. It’s awesome. But first! Enjoy my time with these two Inside Tha Jackals Head!

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