Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Mike Rogers

Friends as time grows near to the supposed disclosure of UFO’s or UAP by our government I welcome back someone who is locked into one of the worlds greatest UFO cases ever.

The Travis Walton story is of course the story of Fire in the Sky, and with Travis, and the rest of the crew was “The Realist” himself Mike Rogers, and we welcome back to the show with me tonight to talk about the latest things happening in his life, times, friendship with Travis, and thoughts on the upcoming Pentagon disclosure.

That’s right Mike Heston Rogers will join me for not just serious talk but yes folks my friend Mike is one of the most likable people you’re going to meet, and loves to laugh, and have a good time, and good laughs.

So this will be like normal with Mike a fun time chatting with one of the crew members of the “Fire in the Sky” event itself, and as you know again the main reason that I got interested in the topic as a kid before I discovered Art Bell, and Radio that dealt with this subject, and after my first two sightings of UFO’s as a kid. The events in Mike, and Travis life was instrumental in what I do today on my show, and why I didn’t get scared in talking about my own experiences, and why I took to Skywatching.

Hence the show I had with Seth “Skywatchers Radio” which will soon return as a “TV” show.
Are you ready? Better be Ready!

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