Played in the movie “Fire in the Sky” by actor Robert Patrick the real Mike Heston Rogers was born April 4 th, 1947, the year of the “flying saucer” and raised as a stark realist in one of the greatest generations in America.
On November 5, 1975, Mike was working for a logging company in Arizona when he and his entire woods crew witnessed something he would never have believed, the abduction of Travis Walton.

This is the most spoken about abduction case in the history of the UFO Phenomenon. This show is one I’ve wanted to book for sometime now as I’ve been honored to have had Travis Walton himself on both this show, and Skywatchers Radio before, and had Steve Pierce also on the show. Steve also one of the loggers who was there the night Travis was taken.

As a big UFO buff and someone who’s been able to interact with some of the biggest names in the subject, and worked on Art Bells network the story which I’ve always said that this was the one that hooked me into the subject. This case I believe without a doubt happened.
I have no doubt that Travis was taken… What happened in the movie was not as we saw… But the reality of what did happen is far more mind blowing in reality, and I do hope one day a studio allows a real adaptation to take place with a good budget.

Please join me as I welcome the one, and only Mike Heston Rogers for the very first time on my show.


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