W/ Massy Mastino

Massy Mastino is a 46years old man who refused to use his real birth name so he will be called Massy Mastino as his code name. He was born in Belgium (Europe) is not married, and has no children.

Massy lives alone, and works as an educator with people with disabilities. He was raised in a foster home, and never knew his birth parents.

For the past year Massy has been Skywatching, and has taken a few thousand photos of UFO’s in Belgium… He claims he’s made an amazing discovery which will help people know how you too could take pictures of them.

This is one of the videos by Massy Mastino.

After further review of this mans videos, and pictures I’m sad to say that I don’t believe he’s honestly capturing anything other then birds, planes, clouds, and bugs. All out of focus to confuse people.

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