Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Mack Maloney

Hour 1: Got to cover the inside news, and overall topic of the week which was this Ukraine phone call by our President Number 45 as we lovingly call him here. Donald Trump, and some sniffing of coke by religious church peeps, and much more! Joe Biden audio, Fox News clips, and again tons of stuff to talk about during the first hour.

Hour 2: Returning to the show in hour number 2! Is the one, and only Mr Mack Maloney! Now Mack Maloney has written more than fifty novels including military thrillers, men’s action-adventure, science fiction and historical fiction. He’s with us for a good half hour, and we get into his fine work, and show.

After he’s done with us we had more clips, and news! Hope you enjoyed it live if not well here is the podcast.

Mack Maloney created the long-running Wingman series, with one million copies sold. The 18th book of this series was published by Open Road Media in May, 2017 and praised by Publishers Weekly.
He also wrote the popular Chopper Ops series, (Berkley Books), the Superhawks series, (St. Martin’s Press) and the Pirate Hunters series, (Tor Books).

Mack has also done novelizations for films (“Need for Speed” — Dreamworks, 2014) and television (“JAG – Cold Steel”) as well as for the Hercules and Xena TV shows. He was a columnist for Turner Broadcasting’s Conspiratorium website, 2012-2015.

He has also worked as a consultant to a company working for U.S. government on anti-terrorist programs.
Mack is a native of Boston and a graduate of Emerson College.

Mack’s official website:
His Books:

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