🎤🎧 Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ June Lundgren

Joining me tonight is a psychic medium, animal communicator, healer, nurse, demon seer, international paranormal investigator, and author with over 40 years of experience in the paranormal field.
As a child June Lundgren communicated with spirits, animals, and angels. She served in the military where she trained as a nurse and EMT.

After returning from the military she continued to work in the medical field as a nurse and is currently the founding member of ghostsandgirlsparanormal.com and her main website is mysticconnections.org and her book is “The Darkside of the Paranormal” and it’s sold on her main site, and where all books are sold. Like Amazon.

It is is with a great deal of honor to have her on my show for the first time tonight, and hope you all take the time from everything happening in this crazy world to listen close to someone who might make you think outside your box.

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