INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD » W/ Jeremiah Greer [07-28-2019]

Welcome all as this week I want to welcome back on, and back home to PSN this time as a guest! The one, and only the main reason why I left BTR, and why PSN is even a thought today. Mr Jeremiah Greer once of Shadows in the Dark Radio, and now no longer a podcaster he has set his eyes more these days on his music. Jeremiah Greer is a Singer Songwriter, Business Owner, Artist, Bartender, or whatever else I feel like being. Oh, and one heck of a nice guy.

Also he’s the man who helped me get not just into podcasting but was the first person on the platform to believe in me enough to bring me on to what now we do on this show. He’s always someone I will always have nothing but respect for, and hope you all enjoy having him on the show as much as I do when he’s on…

Check out his page! httpswww.etsy.comshopalmostunused

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