Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Dr Joye Pugh

Joining me tonight on The Angel Espino show interview hour now known as the segment “Inside Jackals Head” is the one, and only Dr Joye Pugh. And my goodness am I excited to speak to her. She’s simply an amazing guest… First spoke to her on Gary’s “The Martian Revelation” show, and instantly I wanted to bring her on to talk religion, and the connections between the end times, aliens, ufos, the paranormal, and all sorts of spooky things. ”Dr. Joye” had a supernatural dream at age 6 about the End of Time and her 40 years of research into that dream has allowed her to tell the world what is about to happen in our generation.

Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh’s book series is a trilogy entitled BEGUILDED Eden to Armageddon Volumes 1, 2 and 3. (2017 updated editions) This fascinating trilogy of in-depth research reveals evil’s origins, its struggle through the ages against good, and its well planned agenda with intent on destroying the Creator’s connection to creation through beguilement. These books unlock the secret of an important prophetic parable that has eluded scholars for decades, by revealing for the first time the true lineages of the Wheat and Tares.

Dr. Pugh’s book, ANTICHRIST – THE CLONED IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST (updated 2017 edition) explains her ground breaking work concerning the cloning of the Holy Shroud. Dr. Joye’s book, PARABLES OF JOYE – On a Georgia Farm (2018) contains true motivational and inspirational stories of Dr. Pugh’s life while growing up in the deep south. You can literally take a step back in time through these thought provoking real life events that will inspire you and change your life.

Dr. Joye’s latest release in October, 2020, Colours of Joye II – Poetry, Prose and Spiritual Awakening, is a follow-up to her very first book Colours of Joye that was a limited edition released in 1975 while she was a senior in high school. Her new book Colours of Joye -II takes the reader on a journey that leads to spiritual awakening and explains the choices we make in this life are preparing us for the eternity of our soul – Our Greatest Asset. A very thought provoking book for people feeling lonely, unloved, insecure and lost in the world we are now experiencing.

Dr. Joye also has a CD album of her original music entitled “Before Time Stops”. The CD has 12 original songs that are inspirational, upbeat and uplifting. She is an avid musician and played over 15 instruments in the recording of her album. “Dr. Joye” received her doctorate from Nova University, her master’s and bachelor degrees from Valdosta State College and her associate from South Georgia College.

Her research interests include: Ancient History, Archeology, Astronomy, Physics, Biblical Prophecy, Secret Societies, Paganism, Demonology, Biotechnology, the Human Pineal Gland, Mental and Physical handicaps, Spiritual Awakening, the Origins and Manipulation of Sound Waves, Nanotechnology, Cloning, Modified Food, Vaccinations, Ebola, Marburg and other Hot Viruses Like COVID-19, as well as, Government control, Unexplained Phenomena (such as: UFOs, Animal Mutilations, CROP Circles, Strange Weather Patterns, Plagues, and Electromagnetic Anomalies) World Religions, Theology, Politics, and the Holy Shroud of Turin.

You can visit her website at and Facebook page- Joye Pugh. Dr. Joye has her own LIVE radio YouTube show each month the last Monday night from 8 until 10 pm eastern.

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