🎙INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD W/ Don Smith Jr & Robert Heske

Don Smith: Don is a comic book and freelance writer in Passaic County, NJ. I have been married for over seven years to my wife Laura and we have three cats, Bobby, Merlin and Banjo. I currently write for Bluewater Productions and freelance where ever I can.

Websites: http://donsmith74.wordpress.com/ Robert Heske: Currently, I have optioned 10 features and shorts in various genres: animation, comedy, drama, horror, and suspense/thriller. I have won or placed (finalist, semi-finalist, and quarter-finalist) in nearly 30 contests in the past 18 months.

I have a certificate from Emerson College’s Graduate Screenwriting Program, and was a script reader for Scout Productions for two years. I have a co-creation agreement with Studio 407 to develop my horror script THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST into a comic book series & graphic novel. I have also self-published a horror anthology series based on my short film scripts called COLD BLOODED CHILLERS.

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