Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Dave Emmons

First time on Inside Tha Jackals Head is experience Dave Emmons who’s got one heck of a story to tell us folks.

Some of the topics at hand are “Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences” “Human-Hybrid Experiments” “UFOs and Missing Time” and much more.

Dave Emmons claims to have been a trainee in Top Secret Nuclear Weapons in military intelligence but did not like constant Military Intelligence interviews and did not like the pressure he was subjected to. He claims that his personal life which has been surrounded by the paranormal. Dave and his wife lead a members only ET discussion group from their home in Washington State. A home that not only host where members relate their encounters, but a home that he claims had ET and encounters as well.

Hope you all enjoy the show with Dave who turned out to be one heck of a nice man, and great to chat with as the guest on the show.

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