Live with Bryan M. Bowden on the first show of 2021, and after the fireworks, and all the chaos that was the year. Welcome to the show folks on this night we welcome fellow podcaster, and all around good guy the one, and only Bryan M. Bowden to the show. He was on Skywatchers Radio before but that was when I wasn’t there as I was out for a bit dealing with personal matters so having him on the main show is going to be a lot of fun.

Here is what to know about “Bryan M. Bowden” he is a Seeker of Enlightenment & Master of all as he puts it… And he’s also an Author.
He will join me on the 2nd hour of the show, and the first we have a lot of news, and stuff to catch up on since it’s been a busy week.
His podcast: See Less

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