Inside Tha Jackals Head talking PICARD, and Stuff!

Ok so we got off to a slow start tonight and kicked off a few minutes late thanks to a slight tech issue Brandon “Detox” had… But we made up for it with a very funny episode that took on mostly the Star Trek Picard show, and we did manage to sneak in a few other stories which are posted now on my main site where you can find the show live every week.

We also had Kaiser show up during the last half hour of the first hour… Wait did you get that? Oh well he joined to announce big news! He’s now going to have a 30min segment on the show with us to talk news on “kaiser Shuff’s Korner!” “The KSK” for short. His new segment will be for 30 minutes each week when we have a guest, and however long he wants to stay on with us when we don’t have a guest.

Listen live: PSN RADIO

Listen live:PSN RADIO

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